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"I see the Green Fairy..."

Characters: Sakito and Lida (Tatsuya)
Players: hazeltea and lilusako

Tatsuya was waiting for Sakito as he approached the diner, smoking a cigarette and surveying the street like a guard dog. It made Sakito grin. He waved as Sakito came closer. "They're inside." he explained. "I'm not sure what you want to risk bringing up with Aya tonight, but I wouldn't say anything in front of Daishi if I were you."

Sakito smiled upon Tatsuya's greeting. Decked out in casual clothing and nothing so detailed. He wore his "The Cure" t-shirt, pair of relaxed slacks and some converse shoes. "Wonderful. I'll bring up the subject of legalities with Aya much later... and I’ll keep in mind not to have Daishi around." Sakito smiled - as if he knew the master plan of what was going on. He then started walking to the entrance door and opened it holding it open for Tatsuya to go in first. "After you..."

Tatsuya gave him a slight bow and a grin, entering the diner. The rest of the band was waiting, Shy Aya and exuberant Daishi deep in conversation, Yura already flirting harmlessly at the waitress, and Seek silently glaring at her over his coffee cup. It occurred to Sakito that Tatsuya might have more serous problems with those two than Aya and Daishi, but Tatsuya seemed blind to it. Sakito sighed, perhaps he was reading into things...but the body language was plain as day.

Sakito wrinkled his brows and stood at the edge of the table, "Good evening everyone." his eyes shifted around looking for a spot to sit and then sat down next to Tatsuya. "How is everyone doing?" Sakito said with a bit of happiness in his voice. Smiles met him and a general murmur of approval crossed the table. Tatsuya slid into the booth beside him and handed him a menu. Sakito shooed it away, being a creature of habit he already knew what he wanted and rambled his order off to the cute waitress, using the opportunity to watch Seek's reaction to her. He was fairly certain he was not mistaken. Yet another level of potential problems.

Tatsuya pulled out several sheets of paper and handed them to Sakito. "We did some brainstorming while we were waiting. I think we might be able to pull off something based on Aya's fae sketches." Aya looked slightly embarrassed as the sketches were handed over.

Sakito took the sketches from Tatsuya and glazed over the papers. "These look really good.... Aya I’m so amazed at your designs. I would never be able to sketch up anything like this. “

Sakito flipped through the papers with his mouth open and just completely astonished. Aya blushed and mumbled a thank you. "I think we could probably sew the simple parts shouldn't be too hard, and it would save a bit of money."

Sakito nodded. "We could make it a team project." he chuckled. "... but don't worry we'll pull through."

Yura gestured to some of the more complicated looking pieces. "We should probably focus our money on these." he agreed, looking to Tatsuya and Sakito for approval.

Sakito peered at what Yura had pointed out and nodded in agreement. "Maybe we should have some pre performance fund raisers or something... like lemonade stands"

Tatsuya nodded, and the discussion turned to fabric. Sakito chuckled, it seemed that he and Aya were the only two who had any knowledge of fabric and tailoring, and he planned to use this as an excuse to get Aya alone to talk.

Sakito smiled to Aya, "So what kinds of fabrics do you think would go well? I'll have to go shopping and hunting for quality fabrics if you know what i mean"

Aya nodded. "It’ll be uncomfortable..."he cautioned, "But I think we should use something lie a vinyl for most of these." Aya's pencil tapped certain parts of the sketches.

Sakito nodded in agreement. "I can look for vinyl no problem... " He then noticed that Aya had a skimpy outfit drawn that made use of the false breasts, and was quite amused to see that he had intend it for Tatsuya. Obviously, Tatsuya was unaware of the situation soon to be facing him. He grinned and laughed quietly, though he tried to keep a mature and stern face. "I love this..." he pointed it out to Aya, "… and what material will be using for that?" he pointed to the breast area and snickered. "...ahem. sorry" he straightened himself out and tried to look a bit mature again.

Sakito spent the evening observing the group dynamic, which had changed so much in such a short time. Unlike Tatsuya, he didn't feel dread, just a certain interest. Sakito had confidence in his ability to manage a band through anything; after all, he had seen MYU through its worst. Tatsuya was the one who had finally said enough. He gazed at Tatsuya out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't quite place his finger on it, but the dynamic had become slightly different between them as well. Sakito raised a brow and looked over to Tatsuya, "is something wrong Tatsuya?"

Tatsuya brought his gaze from Daishi and shook his head. "No, not really." he said. Sakito noticed Tatsuya's eyes pass over him as well, breifly, but enough for him to notice and wonder.

Sakito paused"....okay…" he had a look of concern for Tatsuya glaze over his face.

As dinner was coming to an end Sakito waved for the bill and took it and snuck his credit card in before the boys even noticed. He understood how hard life was and he thought it'd be a nice treat for the boys. He handed the card to the clerk, gazing out the door and to the rare sight of a clear night in Osaka. Smiling at the stars, he was unprepared for the sight he saw from the corner of his eye as he accepted the receipt. Outside stood Tetsuo, eyeing him from a distance with a sly look of predatory amusement on his face. Sakito quickly turned his eyes to the bill, hoping the eye contact hadn't been two sided. Sakito rolled his eyes as he finished up paying for the dinner. He walked towards the boys turning away from Tetsuo pretending that he didn't see him. He waited until the boys were ready to leave.... travel in packs... Sakito thought. He hoped that this would save his sorry ass.... and hopefully Tetsuo won't be such a problem for him or Aya. His boys were blissfully unaware of the situation, and Sakito tried not to let his nervousness show. This could go very well, or very awful. Still, they couldn't stay here all night.

"Ready to leave boys?" Sakito's voice was a bit uneasy and shivering. He brushed off little crumbs left on his t-shirt and stood by the tables while he waited for the boys to get ready to leave

They rose to follow him, talking amongst themselves. "Thank you." Tatsuya said shyly once he was aware that Sakito had paid. Sakito stayed close to the others, not sure if he was more afraid for his band or his own skin. Noticing he was shaky, Tatsuya put a hand on his arm, oddly making him feel a tiny bit safer. "Cold?" Tatsuya asked kindly, draping his jacket across his shoulders.

Sakito looked to Tatsuya with sad eyes. Warmth spread across his lips, "Thanks... it's been getting a bit... chilly..." Sakito murmured. Sakito followed along with the company and proceeded towards the exit of the door. He could feel Tetsuo's eyes on him although he could not see him. It was like living a horror movie, and Sakito felt silly for his paranoia that he could not shake. He shivered and hoped that Tetsuo wouldn't be after him. While they walked outside he mumbled softly so only Tatsuya could hear, "Tatsuya... could you make sure the boys take each other home... make sure Aya gets home safe... and... well... could you do me another favor?"

"Of course." he said softly.

Sakito's voice seemed a bit hesitant, ".... could you walk me home?" the words slowly rolled off the tip of his tongue and over his lips. He felt like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz. Not only did Sakito fear for Aya... but he feared for himself of the danger present

Tatsuya squeezed his arm and nodded. "Seek will make sure the others get home safely." he assured him. "And I'd be more than happy to walk you home." Sakito was relieved that Tatsuya took this seriously, that he didn't think of Sakito as a coward.

Sakito sighed in relief, "Thanks... means a lot to me." he bided goodbye to all the other band members and turned to head home with Tatsuya by his side. The walk was blessedly uneventful and Tatsuya delivered Sakito safely to his home. "Will you be all right?" Tatsuya asked, concerned. Sakito wondered much the same, realizing that Tatsuya would now be the one walking alone.

"I... yeah.. I'll be alright... but what about you? will you be alright? let me get a cab for you... or... you can stay at my place tonight. I don't want you walking out in the cold late at night..." Sakito showed a bit of concern for Tatsuya's own safety

Tatsuya blushed and shuffled his feet. " I don't want to impose, and the others will wonder..." Tatsuya could see the concern on his friend's face and settled on a compromise. "but I suppose a cab would be a good idea,"

Sakito looked at Tatsuya with a concerned face, "Are you sure? you can call the others and tell them your staying the night at my place. I'm pretty sure they'd understand..."

Tatsuya blinked. Sakito's eyes were pleading, and he sensed that he really did need the company. Tatsuya was once again aware of how delicately handsome Sakito was and scolded himself silently for taking the mention of spending the night out of context. Sakito was shaken up for some reason, and he needed a friend. After all Sakito had done for him..."All right." he agreed. "I'll let them know. I want to make sire Daishi is safely home anyway."

"Wonderful..." Sakito started walked up the stairs of his apartment and motioned Tatsuya to follow..."...lets go warm up in my apartment since it's chilly out here..."

Tatsuya scolded himself yet again, taking his words out of context. Sakito sounded like he was purring. He then took out his keys and opened the door to his apartment. Tatsuya entered Sakito's apartment for the first time and blinked. It was a godamn gothic boudoir.

Sakito walked passed a 3ft high gothic sculpture of a menacing gargoyle perched on top of a Greek column. He then took Tatsuya's coat and hung it up on the wrought iron coat rack right next to the sculpture. Sakito glazed his hand over the sculpture and then gestured Tatsuya in, "Please make yourself at home. Welcome to my wonderful world." Sakito motioned to the arrangement of a leather sofa and a grand leather chair. "…can I get you something to drink?"

Tatsuya examined his lush surroundings. He had never seen such a finely furnished apartment, nor one so...gothic. Sakito didn't seem dark or rich in all the time Tatsuya had known him. He wondered how much of Sakito he didn't know. "Er, yes, please. Anything is fine. Thank you."

Sakito smiled softly, "Alright then. Just a moment please..." his voice already had begun to trail off as he headed towards the kitchen. He then returned with two wine glasses in his hand and a good old bottle of absinthe. He placed the bottle down on the dark mahogany coffee table. He disappeared into the kitchen again and then returned with a black box. He sat down in his leather recliner next to the bottle and wine glasses. He placed the box down and then he opened the latch and opened the box. The box was lined in deep red velvet and pulled out two strange spoons with slits in them. The spoons were absinthe spoons. He placed each spoon over each wine glass and then realized he forgot something. He rose again and ran to get a pitcher of water from the fridge chilling in a nice pewter pitcher. He smiled - it had been a while since he was last able to have a solid drink. He took a small velvet sachet out of the black box and opened it pulling out these rectangular sugar cubes placing one on each spoon. Sakito then opened the dark emerald bottle and began to gently and delicately pour neon green liquid over the sugar spoon. The green liquid pouring gently over the slits of the spoon and slowly dissolving the sugary sweetness into the wine glass. Sakito poured in each wine glass a decent amount of absinthe. He then took the pewter pitcher and followed the same. It was more of an art overall. Tatsuya watched the elaborate ritual, wondering about the strange white powder that tinted the water a cloudy green as Sakito stirred it. He didn't know what it was, some sort of alcohol, he reasoned. Tatsuya trusted Sakito enough to not harm him, though, so he accepted the wine glass with a slight bow of his head.

"... ever had absinthe?" Sakito asked Tatsuya. Tatsuya shook his head, in truth, he had never even heard of it.

Sakito grinned and then began to explain to Tatusya, “Absinthe. Originally an elixir, and then the fine wine of the French, and eventually the drink of the Bohemians. First appearance of absinthe dated back to the early 1800s and is a very herbal drink. The more common ingredients included anise, wormwood, hyssop, sweet flag, and many other herbal ingredients. Supposedly some of these ingredients, especially the wormwood is said to be hallucinogenic. Try it..." and with that Sakito took a sip to show that he would be fine. Tatsuya sipped the drink cautiously. He could taste bitter undertone softened by the sugar. It tasted as though it could be quite intoxicating, even if it didn't taste a thing like alcohol. "Are you alright Tatsuya?" Sakito raised a brow while gently sipping out of his glass. Sakito made himself a little bit more comfortable in his leather chair, snuggling towards one side of the chair as if ready to pass out.

Tatsuya nodded." I think this stuff is pretty strong.." he murmured. He felt dazed, and light, a sensation that was quite unlike being drunk. Sakito's apartment looked like a soft focus photograph, and Tatsuya found himself staring at Sakito idly. “It’s...good."

Sakito smiled softly, "I'm glad you are enjoying it..... what I enjoy most... is when all the velvet in my apartment begin to look so lush and ever so soft... " he sighed softly taking another sip. Tatsuya tried to shake himself awake, he felt foggy, as though he was tired, yet he was fully awake. He forced his legs to stand, and he made his way over to Sakito's chair, sitting beside him.

"Are you okay, though?" he asked, noting how Sakito was draped limply across his chair.

Sakito nodded softly, "I am now... safe in my little home in the company of a good friend..."

Tatsuya nodded. He had placed down his drink, and was attempting to pay full attention to Sakito...who looked lovely lounging across the chair . What was this wine? Tatsuya's mind drifted, imagining what it would be like to have Daishi so intoxicated by the lovely drink...and it seemed as though an hour had passed. Ah, Sakito must have though he was being terribly rude. Tatsuya focused on him once more.

Sakito peered over to Tatsuya, "You look... a bit drowsy and uneasy... let me go prepare the guest room. I do apologize but it's in my office room..." Sakito got up and left to the other parts of his apartment to go and prepare the guest bed.

"Ah, I'm fine, really. Please, let me help." Tatsuya followed Sakito to the back room.

Sakito wandered down the hall, "You don't have to... but if you want to then that's fine..." he slowly came to his office door and gently opened the door. The room was beautiful, with an old dark stained office desk and the glow of his laptop glistening against the black curtains up against the wall. He flicked the switch and a flicker of lights slowly illuminated the room. The room turned from the illuminated colors of white to a gently golden glow against the black painted walls. There was a cluster of papers on his desk, and some crumpled up on the ground, band flyers, advertisements, all related to business. To the right of his work desk was a bare bed. "Sorry... I need to go get some bed sheets..." Sakito slowly made his way back out into the hall and opened a cupboard and pulled out deep red satin sheets and a large black velvety comforter. He also picked up some pillow cases and pillows to go with the bedding. He returned to the office room and began to set up the guest bed. Tatsuya helped pull the sheets across the strange western bed. The sheets were satin. Tatsuya had never slept of satin before, he had always thought they were resigned to the world of romance novels and high end pornography. He blushed a bit at the thought. As he finished making the bed, he then patted the bed. "There... ah... you also need sleepwear don't you?" Sakito chuckled completely forgetting about it.

"hm?" Tatsuya asked. "Oh, er..I could just take these off. I don't want to trouble you."

"Oh no no no no... it's not a problem at all! Let me go get you a change of sleepwear!" Sakito hummed sweetly and elegantly left the room to return with a set of pajamas made of very fine silk. It was dark blue with little trim of black. Tatsuya accepted the slinky thing, marveling at the feel of it against his skin. Well...he better get into it while he had some fine motor skill left. Tatsuya fumbled with the buttons on his pants.

Sakito's eyes widened, "ahem... i'll let you be. If you need anything else i'll be out in the living room catching up on some news and business...." Sakito began to turn away from Tatsuya heading towards the door.

"Thank you Sakito..." Tatsuya started, unaware that he was in nothing but his underwear, and equally unaware of Sakito's shyness.

Sakito slowly reached to the door and then opened the door and gently closed it behind him making his way towards the living room. He sat down and picked up his glass of Absinthe he left on the coffee table and took a sip. He then reached for the latest newspaper out and began to read it.

Halfway through the paper, he was startled by footsteps. Tatsuya had entered the room again, and draped his arm across Sakito's shoulder. "You should come to bed too. It's late." he murmured.

Sakito smiled softly and gently patted Tatsuya's head, "Of course... i'll be heading off very soon.... though you should get some rest. It seems like you need it more then i do."

"I'm not tired, really." murmured Tatsuya. And he wasn't...he just felt oddly out of sorts with the odd green liquid overtaking his blood. He felt hazy and loose. Tatsuay smiled at the feeling and brushed his fingers against Sakito's hair. Noting his unfinished drink, he reached for that as well.

Sakito smiled softly and nuzzled slightly against Tatsuya's fingers."Not tired? Is the absinthe a bit too strong for you?"

"Think so.. but it's ...good." Tatsuya took another sip. Something was against his was Sakito's lips. Tatsuya's body moved of its own accord, leaning down to kiss Sakito. It seemed like a dream, as though he was watching himself from outside of his body. On some level, Tatsuya was aware that he was kissing his manager. On most other levels, however, he was not aware of much of anything.

Sakito began looking up at Tatsuya as he began to speak and was taken by surprised the sudden move. Sakito returned the kiss that Tatsuya had engaged... but then stopped and pushed Tatsuya back. "... Tatsuya..." Sakito mumbled softly... "...i..."

Sakito was caught off guard and lost in his own words and thoughts. He had never had something like this happen before.

"mm?" Tatsuya asked. Sakito had begun to kiss him and then shoved him off. As though the absinthe hadn't confused him enough...

"... Tatsuya... I... umm... ahh.... " Sakito didn't know what to say. "...I've... never... kissed a man before..." Sakito blushed slightly, very embarrassed at what had just happened.

That snapped Tatsuya back to reality. A bit embarrassed, he realized what he had done. He placed down his glass and smiled apologetically, not quite sure what to say. Sakito scratched his head, smiled and chuckled softly. He also wasn't sure what quite so say. He then stood up and sat over at the long comfortable leather sofa and patted the open spot next to him and motioned for Tatsuya to sit next to him.

Awkwardly Tatsuya sat. "Sorry..." he mumbled.

"It's okay...." Sakito then picked his legs up and curled under Tatsuya and snuggled up against him with his almost finished glass of absinthe in his hand. He drank the rest of it and reached over to place the glass on the table and then snuggled against Tatsuya's fresh silk night shirt. Tatsuya didn't know how to make of the situation. The absinthe was dulling his mind again, the moment of startled clarity did not last long. Then Sakito was against him, a comforting weight in his lap. Tatsuya buried his face in Sakito's hair and sighed lightly. Sakito sighed softly and closed his eyes. He felt safe and comfortable in the warmth of Tatsuya. He too felt a bit fuzzy but was rather quite comfortable. Tatsuya found himself dozing off, but he didn't want to move. As inviting as the silken sheets had been, he was just as comfortable here, perhaps even more so, he thought...and that was the last thought he could muster before sleep claimed him. Sakito looked up at Tatsuya with slightly open eyes. He smiled softly and petted Tatsuya's legs and hugged them tightly. Eventually... the sandman came to take Sakito away as well... snuggled close to Tatsuya with a faint smile on his face.
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