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back on track

Characters- Tatsuya and Sakito

My darling…Tatsuya's hands ran over hot, smooth skin. Darling, Daishi, darling… he was aware of the one in his arms shifting and sighing. So precious…the shifting was jarring him out of his daze now, and he fought to keep hold of the dream, not wanting to wake up quite yet…

Tatsuya blinked. Black. Where? There was someone in his lap… a wisp of reddened hair across velvet. Oh…Sakito. That's right. He had spent the night because of…Tetsuo? Tatsuya's eyes fell on the toppled wineglass that lay empty on the floor and tried to recall the night's events through the haze the drug had draped over his memories.

Sakito purred softly, still in peaceful slumber. He moved a little bit - shifting his weight elsewhere on top of Tatsuya. He looked so calm, so peaceful, and so angelic. Despite his stirring, Sakito continued to sleep softly and soundly, a light smile on his face. Tatsuya edged off of the couch, careful not to wake Sakito. Try as he may to remember, the night before had been a blur. A bit of searching and he found the bathroom. He needed a hot shower before piecing any of this together.

When Tatsuya returns from the shower, he found that Sakito was no longer on the couch. Hearing a rustling from the guest room, he went to investigate. Tatsuya cautiously followed the source of the noise to find Sakito. Poking his head in the room, he pondered what to say. Unable to think of much, he settled on, "er..good morning."

Sakito was holding a pile of folded sheets and bedding. "... Good morning Tatsuya... did you have a nice shower?" Sakito began to blush a little.
Tatsuya nodded. "Yeah..I hope you don't mind. I just needed to wake up and clear my head."

Sakito nodded and started walking towards the door and out into the hallway to put the bedding away. "... well a good shower always does help clear up things and refresh you and all.." Sakito opened one of the cupboards and put away the linen. "Can I make you some breakfast or coffee or anything Tatsuya?"

Sakito was obviously avoiding the subject of what had happened last night, still slightly embarrassed and confused himself. Tatsuya was suddenly aware of his growling stomach at the mention of breakfast. "That actually sounds really good." he admitted, following Sakito out of the office.
Sakito weakly smiled, "Alright. How do pancakes sound to you?" He started making way towards the kitchen. The kitchen was painted black, with maple colored cupboards and a small but beautiful marble countertop extending to the stove. Sakito dragged his fingers across the beautiful black marble and stopped to turn at look at Tatsuya peacefully.

Tatsuya nodded. "Sounds great." he said. "You really like western things, don't you?" he asked, looking around the elegant apartment once again, complete with the makings of a western breakfast.

Sakito blushed after hearing that question, "Ah... well... I'm very fascinated by it...." he goes to open a cupboard and take out a large frying pan and then goes to the fridge for some milk and other ingredients. He takes out mixing bowl and begins to make pancake batter. "I was fascinated by all of it since I was much younger... and it's stuck to me like glue. Nothing feels more cozy the warmth of my own unique apartment" Sakito smiled as he cracked the eggs into the mixing bowl. "I've never been in a western apartment before." Tatsuya said shyly. "I'm afraid I'm not too cultured. It looks like it's right out of a magazine."

Sakito turned on the little stove burner thing he had and set the frying pan on top. He added some butter and waited a few moments for the pan to warm up before he began to pour the batter over the pan. "Well... you are always welcome in my apartment. It took me years to finally piece this place together..."

:"It looks it." Tatsuya said, making a mental note to avoid inviting Sakito over to his own apartment. Usually, the fact that it was cramped and shoddy didn't matter to him, it was warm and clean, and he rather enjoyed having company. Yet...after seeing Sakito's home, it felt horribly inadequate. He was beginning to suspect that he should have listened to his parents and become a salaryman like his father.

Sakito flipped a pancake over and then went to quickly grab plates. He set the places on the counter and invited Tatsuya to sit at the counter. He flipped a pancake on Tatsuya's plate. He then made another pancake. "Want butter and syrup?"

Tatsuya nodded, straddling wrought iron stool. Sakito busied himself with the food. Why was Sakito in his lap? Surely he'd have remembered if they'd had sex, after all, he was pretty sure his pants hadn't come off, or they would have never gotten back on him.

Sakito flipped another pancake onto Tatsuya's plate, "Let me know how many pancakes you want - or else you'll get never ending pancakes..." Sakito chuckled. He went to the fridge and came back with butter and syrup and placed it by Tatsuya's plate. "What do you want to drink? Milk? Orange Juice? Coffee?"

"Coffee is good, thanks." Tatsuya stopped Sakito after the first four pancakes were piled onto his plate. "I don't need all of that, why don't you sit with me?" Tatsuya asked.

Sakito chuckled, and put the coffeepot into the maker and pressed the on button to get it going. Sakito grabbed his sugar container and grabbed the milk carton out of the fridge. He grabbed two mugs for coffee and sat down by Tatsuya on the other side of the counter. He stole two pancakes off of Tatsuya's plate like a little kid.

Tatsuya sighed, the silence was stifling. "Er..about last night..." he began, rubbing his temples.

Sakito looked up at Tatsuya while buttering his pancakes. "What about last night? Something wrong Tatsuya?"

"you tell me."

Sakito blinked a few times. "Do you even remember what happened last night?"

"bits. You?”

"... I remember most of it..." Sakito looked up to Tatsuya "I think you might remember more than me...so what happened?"

"Well... I had made a bed for you, and you changed into the PJs I lent you. I went out into the living room to read the newspaper and you came out of my office and told me that I should have gone to bed. And then... and then... You kissed me." Sakito blushed after saying that. "After that... I pushed you away... I've never been kissed by a guy before..." Sakito was turning bright pink now, his cheeks were warm of embarrassment, "and... then you fell asleep... and well …”

Tatsuya blushed as well as the memory pieced itself together. Well, it could have been much, much worse. "I'm sorry." he said softly.” I guess that was pretty unprofessional."

Sakito blushed, "... it's okay... " he smiled warmly to Tatsuya. "... lets just keep it between us okay?"
"Of course." he stammered. He knew he'd been way out of line...but Sakito seemed to be taking it pretty well.

"Don't worry so much Tatsuya... things will be just fine." and with that Sakito kissed Tatsuya gently on the cheek. "Now eat your pancakes before they get cold!" Sakito smiled and hopped off his stool to go get the pot of coffee. He poured a cup for Tatsuya and himself, the warm steam rising from the black liquid.

Tatsuya blinked as Sakito kissed his cheek. Only Daishi was close enough to him to kiss him like that...was this just one of Sakito's odd behaviors, or was he trying to say he didn't regret the kiss? Tatsuya eyes Sakito curiously.

Sakito put the coffeepot back in its place so it would keep warm. He then added sugar and milk to his coffee and offered it to Tatsuya.

Tatsuya accepted the coffee with a slight bow of his head. "'It was the wine..." he explained feebly.

Sakito raised a brow, "The Absinthe?"

Tatsuya nodded, not sure where he was going with this, but unable to let it rest until he didn't feel quite so award.

"It's okay Tatsuya... I understand. A first time for everything." Sakito took a sip of coffee.

Tatsuya nodded. Better to keep his mouth shut. Startled, he jumped out of Sakito blinked and watched Tatsuya, slowly cutting into his pancakes.

Tatsuya retrieved his cell phone and flipped it open, waiting impatiently for it to boot up. "Shit. I never called anyone. they must be worried...I have to make sure Daishi is safely home, and Aya..."

Sakito's eyes widened. "I thought you called someone.."

“I don't remember.." and he didn't...but what if Tetsuo had gone after one of them?

"Please call them then... I hope they didn't worry too much..."

Tatsuya nodded, wandering off towards the window for a better signal.
Sakito continued to nibble on his breakfast and quietly sip his coffee. He felt calm and confused at the same time. He felt a rush of confused feelings coming at him. Some feelings of comfort being around Tatsuya, but of course this meant more feelings of feeling uncomfortable around him. He didn't know what to say.

Tatsuya approached the table, a look of guilt and worry crossing his features.

"Did anyone pick up?" Sakito looked concerned now.

"Aya is okay." he said absently. "Daishi isn't answering...I'm sorry, Sakito, I'm going to go find him, okay? Thank you for having me over." Worried though he was, Tatsuya managed a polite bow, a reflex.

Sakito’s face went pale, "Want me to go with you? Are Seek and Yura okay?"

"They're fine, seek is home and Yura's asleep on the couch. Please, just stay here, I'll be in touch. It's probably nothing, I bet he's asleep." Tatsuya's words were comforting, but his expression betrayed him.

Sakito nodded. "Alright..." though his facial expressions expressed that he wanted to help Tatsuya and make sure everything was going to be all right.

Sakito watched Tatsuya pull on his shoes and bolt down the stairs. He sighed to himself, the man was just too stubborn to accept help. "There goes the hero off into the sunset..." Sakito sang under his breath, bitterly amused. He closed his door, and prayed that when the call did come, the news would be good.
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