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[and we can make somethig bigger than anyone of us alone] photoshoot+everyone

summary: In which strange clothing is procured, pictures are taken, eyes are made, and Daishi forgets that he's an alcoholic.
players: everyone
notes: A huge, huge apology for not having this up sooner. Stuff kept getting in the way, and then my I accidentally saved over the finished file -- AUGH! But it's done, after a lot of editing. (Were we all half-asleep, or just really preoccupied? XD)

I think I'm going to start working on the website for this as soon as I can.

Sakito made the appointment for a photoshoot.

Sitting in the dark and wonderful haven of his apartment, he leaned back in his nice velvet chair and looked at the lists of small fashion stores, costume stores, and other stores that would were known to cater to the often eccentric styles of visual bands. He started to make calls to those stores, telling them about his promising band and wondering if they'd be willing to sponsor the band by providing them clothing. He assured each person he talked to on the phone that if the band choses their line of clothing that they'd have quite a promising future.

Sakito looked through his datebook and other papers, calling many other groups. He made himself a bit more comfortable as he worked from his little home, drinking a cup of hot Earl Grey and smoking a minty cig. He started making a list of all the people who were willing to support his band and gave them the information needed -- something small and somber for one guitarist, something a bit taller and feminine for the other. Something fairly tall, garish and elaborate for the drummer; something small and fairly simple for his vocalist. And the weirdest of anything they could find for one of the weirdest bassists he'd ever cast eyes upon -- as long as it would fit his tall, lanky frame. He pleaded to get free stuff when he could, but didn't get any big name brands -- unsurprising, he mused, as he was a fairly new manager for a really new indies band.

- - -

Daishi fumbled through the boxes of black clothing, laughing at one piece, coveting another. He was trying on a long velvet cape, much too long for him, in his opinion, when Tatsuya arrived with Aya and Yura in tow.

"What are you doing?" he chuckled. Daishi blushed.

Sakito let go of a gentle puff of smoke, clearing his throat. "Well boys, what do you think of the clothing selection? Once you've found some stuff that you like, go try it on and come back when you're done. The photographers will be here, soon."

Tatsuya looked through the clothing as well, getsuring for Aya and Yura to join him. Yura's arm was laden with several outfits rather quickly, and he gleefully ducked aside to change. Aya thought a minute before deciding on his choices by the feel and texture of the fabric.

seek was in the corner, sitting on a pile of discarded boxes with a look of apprehension as he smoked his cigarette. His choice of clothing was ... actually, what he'd grabbed from the pile was almost nonexistant in his opinion, but it looked like just about the only thing left that would possibly fit him.

Sakito sat at a table, legs propped up, smoking his cigarette, watching the band rummaging around through the clothes. He had done his best to try and get variety in clothing, keeping the venture at an affordable price. His thoughts turned to the future that awaited them and the chemistry and tension building up already.

"Is this okay?" Aya asked shyly a few moments later, clad in a soft black skirt and knee high fishnets. Tatsuya looked tense. He was about to hand Aya the velvet cloak before Daishi almost shoved him aside to get a better look.

Daishi smiled at Aya. "It's beautiful," he stated simply. He fidgeted with the leather headband around his forehead.

Aya blushed slightly and smiled at Daishi. "Thank you," he says in a soft voice, trying not to stare into his eyes.

Daishi grinned shyly and Tatsuya tossed the cloak to seek.

seek, his mind wrapped up in his own world, jumped as dark fabric went sailing past his nose. Startled, he blinked at the cloak on his lap. "Um..?"

"Get dressed." Tatsuya said. "Sakito got this stuff so that we'll have a uniform look for the photos."

Yura sailed out of the back, holding an armful of peach colored latex. "Look what I found!" He exclaimed gleefully. "Fake tits!" He glanced over his bandmates and grinned. "Who wants 'em?"

seek looked up to see Aya laughing slightly ... in a dress. He tried not to stare at the transformation his friend had undergone.

"Okay." seek stood gracefully and moved to change, passing one more forcibly quick look at Aya -- he made a cute girl. With one last look of apprehension at the scrap of leather in his hands, seek turned and fled towards the back.

Yura was busy trying to coerce Tatsuya intro the false breasts. "You have a slim waist, it would work!" he said.

Aya smoothed out his skirt, not noticing the looks he was attracting.

Daishi laughed. "We're running out of time. The guys are here with the cameras," he said.

Sakito took a few moments to talk to the photographers and then looked at his band members. "You've got a few moments ... they'll need to set up." Sakito took his time, carefully explaining to the photographers what he wanted -- what kind of appearance he wanted to give their potential fans.

Yura leaned over a mirror, checking his eyeliner one last time before tilting Aya's head up. "Hold still!" he ordered, adding more detail to his makeup. Aya sat still and waited, feeling the wet liquid surround his eyes.

"Try not to poke me in the eye!" Aya said with a small smile.

Yura scoffed. "You'll be fine. Trust me, it's worth it." He screwed the cap on the liner and smiled. "Perfect! You make Mana look like a dog!" Aya blushed, wondering if that was a compliment.

Sakito watched the camera people set up... they put up the lights, backdrop, and brought in some random props for the hell of it. If anything, this would certainly be interesting.

Tatsuya straightened out his black leather collar. Daishi admired the outfit -- it made Tatsuya look tough and sleek. "Ready?" Tatsuya asked, holding open the curtain.

"I suppose," seek said quietly, finally returned and feeling more than a little exposed in his short leather shorts and little else. He tried to huddle into the cloak, and wondered just how stupid he looked. "Maaaan."

Yura chuckled and pushed back the cloak. "It looks better that way," he said. "You have the body for it." Yura reached around the back of seek's neck and tied a necklace there before nodding happily.

seek bowed his head and hid behind his bangs, hiding a blush. "Thanks," he murmured softly, eyes downcast. "Are we really gonna do this?"

"Yep," Yura said. He smiled once more and despite everything, seek found himself looking forward to seing how eccentric Yura's pictures would turn out.

"Gotta start somewhere ... and best if we start with an image first." Sakito looked over to seek, reassuring him with his gentle eyes. "Whenever you boys are ready, I've already told the camera crew what I'd like."

Yura nodded, the first out.

"Well, at least one of us isn't camera shy," teased Tatsuya, and Yura stuck his tounge out before taking his place in the spotlight. "Brat!" laughed Tatsuya.

seek watched curiously, laughing at the strange poses Yura put himself through. He was seriously good at this sort of thing ... but then again, that wasn't really surprising, knowing him.

The photographers worked quickly, moving people along, doing individual head and bust shots as Sakito had wanted. He wanted many individual photos, to start. Sakito smiled; things were finally starting to pick up.

Tatsuya was next, and seek knew that he would have his fair share of fans with his grim posing and leather outfit. Daishi smiled a lot at first, and then mirrored Tatsuya's intense stares. seek was almost looking forward to his turn by then.

The photographer seemed delighted by Aya, posing him in twice as many shots as the others. Aya obediently complied, looking only slightly embarrassed. seek silently cheered for Aya throughout his portion of the shoot, glad to see that he looked at least a little more relaxed than the usual. Sakito noticed the abnormal amount of shots the photographer shot, and absently hoped that those photographs wouldn't be for personal use.

At the end of his run, Aya sat next to Sakito, blushing. "Was that okay?" he asked.

His manager nodded "That was fine. Are you okay?" Sakito turned to Aya and looked at him with concern in his eyes.

Aya nodded. "I just want to do a good job," he said softly.

Sakito nodded, "You're doing wonderful. Though you seem a bit... tense. If you have a problem and need an ear -- I'm here for you. The last thing I want is for my band members to be... in such stress."

seek was trembling slightly as he looked at the cameras. There was no one else left. "Oh, maaaaan."

Sakito peered over to seek and smiled reassuringly, rather amused by the fact that his bassist, so visual even in daily appearance, had camera fright. "Don't think of the cameras... just think that you're acting and over-exaggerating to us..." Sakito hoped that his words would be somewhat comforting.

"...thanks," seek said softly, and strode towards the cameras, trying his hardest not to show his fear at being put on the spot like this. He wished desperately for his bass -- that made things so much easier. Without it ... being in the spotlight without it in front of these people was worse than if he were completely naked.

The photographer gestured to seek. "Look up, now."

seek did as instructed, his lower lip jutting out, just slightly, of its own accord. Okay. Maybe this wasn't quite as bad as he thought it would be.

Several orders and shots later, the photographers told them to break while they got the samples ready. Tatsuya sighed in relief and took a long swig from his water bottle. "These clothes still feel weird." he commented to seek.

seek poked at the skimpy leather stretched across his narrow hip. "You're telling me. I've worn some weird stuff, but not like this..."

Sakito grinned. "Better get used to it ... it's gonna be this way, and possibly even more over time."

Tatsuya laughed. "You didn't have much choice," he said. "The clotheshorse beat you to all the tall stuff, and that must have been all that was left."

"I'd like to see him try to keep that goofy smile with this on," seek muttered.

Tatsuya laughed. "Maybe you should ask him."

seek found himself flustered, realizing the less chaste implications of his words, and hid his face in his hands, burning scarlet. "Ah, man..."

Yura grinned impishly. "Yeah! Ask me, seek." seek peered up through his fingers into Yura's animated face and cringed, looking away quickly.

"Why is everyone picking on me?" seek wondered aloud, the words muffled through his hands.

Sakito laughed. He stood up and streched a bit, pulling up his long socks again: another kodona outfit today. He looked around the empty club and wondered where the camera people went.

"Because you're cute." Yura said mockingly.

"I am NOT cute!" seek cried in astonishment.

"You are in those," teased Yura, pointing to seek's leather hotpants, laughing as seek's ears reddened.

The photographers returned shortly, laying out a series of thumbnails on the edge of the stage.

Sakito gleefully hopped along and walked towards the stage and began peering at the photos.

The shots were better than he had expected. Sakito made mental notes of his favorites.

"I give up." seek said finally, resting his forehead against his knees.

Yura stood beside him and draped his coat over seek's shoulders, handing him a drink. "I suppose that's enough teasing for now," he laughed. "But only for now."

seek looked up and grimaced. "You're evil." He received a mocking wink in return.

"Tomorrow would be good, I have off for once." Yura grinned.

Sakito walked over to the rest of the boys, "Why don't you guys look at the photos and tell me which ones you like?"

Daishi glanced through the photos, chuckling at Yura's posing and Tatsuya's seriousness. Then he happened upon Aya's and looked through them thoughtfully. He ran his finger over a bust shot that captured Aya's sweet doe eyes in the light and bit his lip. On impulse, he shoved the print into his pocket.

Sakito walked over to the bar and got himself his usual glass of Charteuse. He walked over to the pictures again and peered at them. At all the ones that he liked (and he had quite a few) he took his finger and nudged them out of the conforming line. He weht to talk to the photographers with the ones he liked and told them that he would be contacting them soon about ordering.

Upon the departure of the photographers, Sakito noticed the lack of beer and wondered why Daishi hadn't bothered to order a round. It seemed unlike him... Sakito began to gather all the photos and piled them nice and neatly. He then grabbed the handful of photographs and sat down next to his usual briefcase.

He looked around and was overwhelmed by a sense of unnease. Something felt wrong and he wasn't sure what it was. Sakito looked over to Daishi and did notice that the only alcohol drinking occuring was his own. He wrinkled his nose and knew that something felt odd -- he reasoned that Since Daishi wasn't drinking, no one else had thought to.

"As soon as you guys are ready, please change out of your costumes. I'd like to jot down all clothing we've used for this photoshoot, and what companies I'll need to be contacting."

Tatsuya nodded. "what do you think of the photos?" he asked.

seek smiled. "Everyone looks really good," seek said. "Is that really us?"

"I like these a lot... many of these turned out better then I had expected. As soon as we're ready, I'd like to start visually promoting our band." Sakito smiled at seek's puzzlement. "I would hope it is."

Tatsuya looked to Sakito. "These clothes will be great for now," he said quietly. "I don't know how you manage to get us so many perks...but thank you."

Sakito smiled proudly, "That's what I'm here for, right?"

"...don't we want some music to play first, though?" seek asked curiously.

"Of course. That's why I said as soon as we are ready... which probably won't be for a while." Sakito was nodding in agreement with seek.

seek grinned. "Thanks, boss."

Yura smiled at seek. "We'll be ready." he said happily.

He nodded. "I'm sure we will.

Sakito nodded. "Good. As for now... I'll be doing my part in getting things together. I hope you guys will start working together -- I'd like to start producing new songs if possible... it's a big step, but we've got to start somewhere."

Tatuya nodded. "I'm on it." he said. "I already have some material I'm going to try to work."

seek perked his ears up at that. "I can't wait to hear it!"

"Wonderful! I'm glad that things are going so well..." Sakito said with excitement. He began to wonder when he could start writing his own music as well.

Tatsuya grinned at him and Sakito felt more at ease.

Daishi leaned over Tatsuya's shoulder. "I've heard it." he proclaimed. "You'll be happy with it."

Sakito nodded with ease. It had been the only other comforting thing he'd heard so far.

"It's getting late." Tatsuya noted.

seek yawned his agreement. "Yeah. I bet susu is starving by now."

Sakito agreed. "That it is... let's call it a night and we'll get together for another band practice in a week."

Tatsuya nodded. "I'll have the material ready...I'll be working with Naoki and Daishi in the meantime. seek and Yura are doing their own thing in the meantime, too."

"Good. Hopefully, if things are going smoothly... then maybe we'll be able to perform in a month or so."

"That quickly? That would be wonderful!" seek exclaimed.

"We'll have to work hard for it. Depends how much you guys wanna be on stage..."

Tatsuya chuckled. "We're going to be working every spare minute, don't worry." Daishi groaned audibly, and Aya giggled.

Sakito smiled and felt a lot more at ease now. "Good to hear... does anyone else have anything to say? Especially to me? I want to provide for you guys as much as possible."

"Nothing from me, boss," seek said, a hint of amusement in his voice. "I think we've got everything covered over here."

Tatsuya shook his head. "I think that's it. I'll be in touch," he promised. "Thank you again." he said quietly.

Sakito nodded. "Well... I think that wraps up the night. If anyone needs anything then I shall be here for a while... and closing up the building tonight."

"All right," seek said. "It'd be nice to get out of this .... scrap."

Sakito laughed at him, as did Yura. " We'll always have the memory." he chuckled, waving a photo in front of seek.

seek hid his face in his hands again. "Why me?" he moaned.
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