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[his clothes were shining, shining] sakito+aya+daishi+tatsuya

summary: In which they realize the Next Greatest Thing.

Sakito looked through the photos and checked off the boxes of the clothing items as Daishi called the brand names out to him. All in all, it was looking good. He was still hoping for something original, though... "Are we almost done?" he asked. Through all the clothing digging, Sakito was getting a bit tired -- the past few nights had been almost completely sleepless.

Daishi nodded. "Almost, boss." he said cheerfully, but he seemed tired as well.

Sakito looked up as Tatsuya strode in...and quite unexpectedly, Aya was with him. Sakito rose to greet them. "Thanks so much for coming out to help me -- I couldn't have done it without you!"

Daishi peered at the clothing and finished marking the rest off his checklist. He then noticed Tatsuya and Aya and went to greet them. "Tatsuya!" called Daishi happily. His eyes flashed to Aya and he grinned.

Sakito smiled happily and invited Tatsuya and Aya to come over to where Daishi and Sakito had been working. "Daishi and I have been sorting and organizing all this clothing! We're almost gone, thanks to Daishi's help." Sakito put down his little clip board and picked up an article of clothing and began inspecting it.

Tatsuya nodded. "You were saying you needed an edge" Tatsuya stated. "Maybe we can figure out something..."
Sakito nodded in agreement. "Something... with consistency."

Daishi shyly reached over to Aya, touching the spine of the sketchbook poking out of his bag. "May I?" he asked.

Aya swallowed nervously. "No! I mean, ah...It's not very good!"

Sakito looked over to Daishi and Aya, blinking curiously.

"Hmmm." Sakito bit his lip and thought about what Tatsuya had asked. "You know," he began, "...most bands... attempt to go for a scary bloody look... or look very classy...."

"... I think we should look for something original something between everything..."

Tatsuya frowned. "I don't want to look like everyone else anymore," he said. "And I don't want to do something just to be cool. Just being like everyone else doesn’t sell and feels so false -- we need our own identity."

Daishi grinned. "Look, Tatsuya!" Aya gasped. Sakito nodded in agreement and then peered over to Daishi and Aya raising an eyebrow.

Tatsuya blinked, cocking his head at the book Daishi held up. "Dress...like a manga?" Daishi nodded. "We could cosplay. Only do it witha twist." He looked at Aya's sketch, A fairy in high tech armour. He looked at Sakito questioningly.

Sakito asked Aya, "May I look at your sketchbook?"

Tatsuya thumbed through Aya's book...amatuer, to be sure, but interesting. Mechs, fey, all manner of people were drawn lovingly across every square inch.
Sakito waited until Tatsuya is done peering at the book and then took it for himself, thumbing through the pages.

Daishi fidgeted and smiled at Aya. " I like it," he said with a smile.

"Really?" Aya asked in amazement. "Th...thank you."

Tatsuya watched Sakito bookmark the sketches that caught his eye. "Do you really think this will work, Ito-san?" he asked. Tatsuya strangely found himself hoping it would.

Sakito took a few moments to think about it, "I have an idea ... we'll get measurements of everyone and I'll take it to some costume makers. Daishi and I took the time to sort out all of this clothing and I'd be willing to bet the there are some cosplay costume makers who'd be willing to try this out."

"Can we afford that?" asked Tatsuya, worriedly.

"We can give it a darker flavor if so ... but we'll definately be VK. Just not so... gothic."

Tasuya nodded. "We're not truly gothic, anyway" he said."It always felt like at least a little bit of an act."

"Don't worry... If I have to support you guys, I shall. I think that this will be something original -- it won't be your typical bloody band ... or a band caught back in the past. We'll be our own."

"Thank you, Ito-san." Tatsuya said, wondering where Sakito could possibly find the money or the generosity to help him like this.

Sakito grinned, knowing that Tatsuya really didn't know anything about how Sakito really was dark inside. But that didn't matter, it wasn't about Sakito being goth -- no, it was about the band and finding that perfect look. "I think we should give it a try..."

Tatsuya nodded. "Ito-san.." he began.

Sakito noticed that Tatsuya reverted to his family name when he felt indebted and sighed. He put his arm around the guitarist to comfort him. "Don't worry. Life's a gamble, and I'm going to gamble on this one. I think we'll win."

Tatsuya smiled, relieved to have Sakito's comforting confidence at his side. Sometimes it helped to have someone around who didn't depend solely on him, someone who was willing to shoulder responsibility. "Thanks" he murmured.

Sakito smiled gently, "Don't worry about it. I'm here for you and the band. Don't for get that." He patted Tatsuya's head and grined playfully, "Who loves you most?"

Tatsuya smiled shyly. "That means a lot to me," he confessed, chuckling. "You do , boss."

Sakito smiled and laughed himself. "I hope Aya gives the okay to do this. I don't think he'll have too much of a problem. Then we can really promote our band and say that Aya designed the costumes himself!"

Tatsuya's eyes widened. "You know what ... you're right! " he gasped. "Maybe ...if we all take a really active part in the design...well, we'll get noticed if nothing else, hmm?"

His manager nodded in agreement, "We'll definately be an original band, with original costumes. We'll still be visual in our own ... psychotic way." Sakito chuckled.

"Sounds good to me," he laughed. "Say ... Sakito ... what do you think about Aya today? He seems a little bit better, don't you think?" Tatsuya watched Sakito's eyes carefully to gague the response.

Sakito nodded, "He seems a bit better at ease, which is a relief to me. I don't know what crap he had in Isabelle, but he's better off now with us."

"I'm not altogether sure myself," growled Tatsuya, "but I'm sure as hell going to get to the bottom of it."

Sakito raised a brow, noticing Tatsuya's aggressive response. "Is there something going on that I should know about?"

"seek talked to him earlier. I didn't get too many details, but from what I gather, the drummer, Tetsuo, made a threat on Aya's life."

Sakito's face turned from a smiling face at ease to a tensed up and rather concerned face. "...a threat on Aya's life?" He began to piece things together. "What does this Tetsuo guy look like?"

"He's about as tall as...say, seek, except he's a bit more built. He wears his hair spiked, has two lip rings. I'm sure you've seen him with Isabelle sometime."

Sakito nodded in an attempt to look as calm as possible. He realized that the boy from the previous night must have been Tetsuo, with all those threats and acts of indecency. "We'll have to watch out for Aya, then ... who knows what he might do? He sounds very aggressive and unkind."

'That's putting it lightly," he said with a sigh. Tatsuya's eyes gazed over to Aya and Daishi and Sakito paled as he realized what was likely to happen if Tetsuo followed up on his threats to harm Daishi. He didn't think there would be enough money in the world to post bail. The future of his band was looking rough and choppy indeed.

"Look, Tatsuya ... I think for now let's keep an eye out for Aya. I'm going to try and dig up some information on this Tetsuo person and see if I can file some legal action against him -- or at least do something to protect us. I don't want you getting in the way and getting in trouble and all... "

Tatsuya nodded, suddenly in dire need of a cigarette. "Thank you, Sakito...just...please be careful. I've got a bad feeling about this."

Sakito nodded, knowing that he was in danger as much as Aya. "Of course. I'll find a way out of this... I don't want him to be an obstacle to our band."

"Alright Tatsuya... I think I'm going to borrow Aya's sketch book and make photocopies of these sketches. Then I'm going to clean up all the costumes and stuff here ... it's such a mess! Then I'll take care of costuming business." Sakito's voice quivered -- he hoped Tatsuya didn't notice.

Tatsuya nodded. "Just watch out and keep me posted." he said softly. He would be relieved if they could take care of this legally, but, from what Tatsuya had seen in his life downtown, that possibility was a nice thought, but rather unlikely.

"Of course. I'll see what i can do... dig up some old contacts." He smiled hesitantly.

Tatsuya granted him another thankful grin. "I'll wrap things up here, then. You know that I keep my phone on for you, right?"

Sakito nodded. "Thanks so much. Where would I be without your support?" Sakito sighed, feeling a bit at ease from Tatsuya's comforting words.

Tatsuya wondered much the same. He nodded, putting on as strong a front as he could, given the nerve-wrecking situation. "I'll call you, then." he said.

Sakito raised an eyebrow. He couldn't even recall the last time that Tatsuya had called him. "All right -- you know you can call me when you need me."

Tatsuya nodded. Suddenly, the stakes were high, and it was more than their success at risk.
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