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[just submittance] filler smut a la TatsuyaxDaishi

summary: In which there is smut. A lot of smut. Let's add it as a sort of stand-along to this post.

notes: ...I haven't written smut in like, 2 or 3 years. I nearly forgot how it was done. Heee. There's a level of ... highly disturbing here, so warning. XD It even gets its own icon!

With that said, on with the pr0n!

(let your hands run on my skin)

"I win."

Daishi looked to Tatsuya who leaned easily against a box of cassettes, a feral grin gracing his full lips. They were two weeks deep into sweltering heat of natsuyasumi, trying, as all boys do, to cram a year's worth of freedom into a few weeks' time before they had to return to the carefully crafted schedule of school and homework. Tonight, Tatsuya had picked up a few games before coming by, and they were busying themselves with the newest fighter. They'd been playing non-stop since then, the game's music clashing with the background music they'd chosen, Metallica's latest release.

Tatsuya had been winning a lot, too.

Daishi laughed easily. It didn't matter to him that he was being beaten, and badly -- he was excited by the prospect of having Tatsuya to himself for the summer with no outside interference. Both their families were easygoing; sometimes, it would be days before one boy came home, but it was always fine as long as they remembered to do their chores. "Whatever. We'll just have to keep playing until I win, won't we?"

The other laughed. "We'll be at it all night, Daishi."

"Bite me."

Tatsuya shrugged, raising his eyebrows suggestively. "So it's biting now, mm?"

Daishi only blushed, pretending to concentrate on the game. "I'll beat you this time, Tatsuya."


The next several rounds weren't Daishi's favor either, but he plowed on regardless, his expression turning somber as he concentrated all his effort on defeating Tatsuya. Tatsuya considered letting him win, but decided against it -- he loved the way Daishi looked when he was focused, the way he'd bite his lip and glare intently at his quarry, as if trying to defeat it by sheer mental force. Finally, after a long hard battle, he gained the advantage, defeating Tatsuya's character with a ferocious kick combo.

"There," Daishi said, letting out a deep breath.

"It's about time," Tatsuya teased, setting his controller aside to stretch his fingers out. "I thought my hands were going to fall off waiting for you to get me." Daishi only glared at him, which sent Tatsuya to laughing. "Hey, hey," he soothed, "I was only kidding."

"It's not my fault you can't read enough to play real games," Daishi retorted, though the fought-off smile dampened his bitter-sounding words.

A snort. "Ohh, real mature, Daishi. It's not my fault you're too slow to handle anything that doesn't include a menu."

"Ah, you bastard!"


"Hey!" Daishi surged forward, laughing, intent on tackling Tatsuya -- the other was faster, though, and drew back enough to properly block the smaller boy. A short bout of wrestling ensued: or, to be more accurate, there were a few moments of Daishi flailing, each time countered by Tatsuya, who knew a lot more than Daishi about how to scuffle properly. At the end of it, Daishi lay on his back, panting and tousled as he glared harmlessly up at Tatsuya who had him securely pinned beneath, both hands pinned above his head.

"Yes..?" Tatsuya grinned, his face inches from Daishi's.

"...you suck." Daishi pouted.

The other pursed his lips, looking thoughtful. "Maybe so ... but you're the one on the bottom, aren't you?" Daishi's momentarily scandalized expression was mingled with something deeper, almost pleading -- he was still too shy to ask for what he wanted, though Tatsuya knew. What had once been nothing more than teenage curiousity had become another sealing bond between them, an addiction.

The cassette had ended sometime during their struggle. "I hope we didn't wake anyone up," Daishi whispered, a blush painting his cheeks.

Just then, a low moan rose from the other side of the wall, the voice undoubtedly female. Daishi's expression turned from repentant to horrified. "Oh, my god."

Tatsuya, on the other hand, raised his head a little. "Sounds like someone's still awake," he whispered back mischieviously, his grin lecherous.

Daishi's eyes widened. "But Tatsuya ... man, that's really disturbing." Another low, drawn-out moan from the other side, this time cut off by another voice, laughing quietly. "I can't believe they're ..."

The other shrgged, dipping his head until his lips brushed Daishi's ear. "Why not?" he asked in a throaty voice. "Obviously, you're not the only one who enjoys sex, Dai~shi..." he drew out the syllables of Daishi's name, enjoying the feel of the boy squirming beneath him. Personally, he found the whole situation to be incredibly erotic, but then again Daishi would have claimed a bowl of ramen to have the same effect on his friend.

"But Tatsuya..!" Daishi protested in a fierce whisper, "that's my parents!" Despite his protests, however, Tatsuya's proximity had him almost painfully aroused.

Tatsuya nuzzled the area behind the smaller boy's ear, laughing softly. "Then we'll just have to outdo them, won't we?" he murmured, nipping at the soft skin of Daishi's earlobe. He heard Daishi's breath catch, and smiled against his skin ... too cute.

"Tatsuya ..." Daishi whimpered his friend's name, turning his head to try and catch the other's lips with his own, shuddering as Tatsuya's hair brushed across his face.

"Careful, Daishi," Tatsuya warned softly, laughter in his voice. "You'd probably better not be as loud as they are, don't you think?"

The blond closed his eyes. "But Tatsuya," he whispered fiercely, "I really don't want to listen to my parents fucking!"

Tatsuya buried his face in Daishi's hair to muffle his laughter. "Prude," he scoffed quietly, softening what could have been taken as an insult with a demanding kiss. He loved kissing Daishi, the way he could be both as shy as a virgin and shameless as a whore at the same time. The first time he'd slept with his friend, it had been a favor, a confirmation so that no matter what happened, he'd not regret it. But there had been many times after that, and Tatsuya had never actually told Daishi how much he enjoyed their encounters, as hurried or clumsy as they could be. It never seemed to bother Daishi.

Daishi, who was squirming beneath Tatsuya even as he attempted to free himself from the other's hold, his fingers wiggling in the direction of his stereo. "Music," Daishi panted between wet kisses, "or you get none."

Of course Daishi was lying about that, Tatsuya knew. Daishi had never yet turned down the offer of sex -- if anything, Tatsuya figured he probably felt he didn't get enough. Just the same, he released the blond, watching him wriggle from beneath him to scramble for a new cassette. Tatsuya stood up and moved to peer over Daishi's shoulder, sliding up against him from behind, slender, guitar-callused hands slipping beneath Daishi's shirt to stroke bare, flushed skin.

Choosing music suddenly seemed a lot less important than it had a second ago. Hastily, he chose an acceptable album and slammed it into the deck, his hands shaking as he turned up the volume, caught in a shiver brought on by a slew of warm kisses against the back of his neck. "Better," he murmured quietly, turning his head to the side.

"Much," Tatsuya agreed, his arms tightening around Daishi's waist. He caught the side of Daishi's face, his tongue flickering out to lap at the corner of his mouth -- eagerly, the blonde turned in Tatsuya's arms, his mouth opening to capture Tatsuya's in a fierce kiss. He raised his arms only to wrap them around Tatsuya's neck, one hand reaching up to tangle in coarse black hair, the other serving as leverage to force the boy flush against himself, moaning into his mouth as exquisite friction ground their groins together.

Tatsuya smiled against Daishi's swollen lips, hands sliding downwards to cup the blond's rear. He squeezed, rocking his hips forward to grind against him again: Daishi trembled furiously, burying his face in the crook of Tatsuya's neck, his small pink tongue darting out to taste the salt of his skin.

Slowly, Tatsuya moved backwards, pulling Daishi along with him -- he felt Daishi's low bed bump against his calves and sat, drawing the other boy into his lap, Daishi's knees on either side of his hips. Daishi's eyes were heavy-lidded, his breath fast, biting his lip to suppress a groan as Tatsuya's thumbs found the hard pebbles of his nipples, rubbing tight circles against them. His whole body was hypersensitive, and each caress of Tatsuya's callused hands, no matter how light or insignificant, sent waves of white-hot fire across his skin. Impatiently, he shrugged out of his shirt and tried to move onto Tatsuya's, his hands shaking so hard he could barely work open the first few buttons.

Tatsuya laughed quietly at Daishi's pitiful attempt, his hands catching Daishi's to pull them over his shoulders. Daishi sighed softly and closed his eyes, dropping his head. "...want you," he whimpered pleadingly into Tatsuya's ear, hands curling against the wiry muscle of Tatsuya' back, frustrated by the fabric blocking his path. "Please..."

"Fuck," Tatsuya breathed against Daishi's skin, his hands sliding down the blond's stomach to rub against the strained fabric of Daishi's soft, dark pants. Daishi gasped, a hard tremor running the length of his body as he pressed himself into that merciful touch, every nerve pleading for release. Tatsuya raised his head to watch the expressions play across Daishi's face as he touched him through his clothing, amazed by the sheer unfettered eroticism of his best friend and lover's every move. He absently considered teasing Daishi to a writhing, mewling bundle of hormones -- Daishi was absolutely gorgeous when he was helpless in the midst of ecstasy, and it never ceased to please Tatsuya that he was the one to bring the beautiful blond to such a state. Daishi was amazingly vocal, though, and Tatsuya remembered that he needed to keep him quiet. Tatsuya had wanted, for the longest time, to hear Daishi scream.

/Next time./

Daishi whined quietly when Tatsuya's stopped, his small hips thrusting against Tatsuya's stomach in a desperate attempt for more friction -- Tatsuya chuckled softly, whispering soft reassurances as his hands moved to work open the buttons on Daishi's pants, using the time to shrug out of his shirt. Once those tasks were accomplished he slid a hand inside, releasing the boy's hard length from the restraining fabric. He smiled as he gazed at the luscious picture Daishi made; his head tipped back, mouth open invitingly, his whole body visibly trembling. After a moment, Tatsuya touched the boy softly, lifting him from his lap just a little. "Off," Tatsuya murmured, gesturing to Daishi's pants pooled halfway down his thighs. "As hot as you look like right now, they're in the way."

The blonde regained enough of his self-control to squirm out of the rest of his clothing, his own hands pawing at the fly of Tatsuya's jeans. "You ... too ..." he panted, managing with great difficulty to open the top button. He blinked lust-hazed eyes as Tatsuya snorted at him. "Why ... did you ... wear these..?"

"It turns me on watching you try to get them off," he chuckled as Daishi undid the last button, lifting his hips so the blond could pull them off. "You're beautiful like this."

Daishi blushed pink, even as his own eyes shamelessly wandered Tatsuya's compact body. It was his opinion that Tatsuya was the beautiful one, but he knew his friend wasn't the kind to accept such recognition easily.

"C'mon," Tatsuya whispered, pulling Daishi into his lap, stifling a groan as the small boy's ass slid across his own aching erection. He wrapped his arms around Daishi's waist, dragging his blunt fingernails up Daishi's stomach to his chest, scraping his nails across a nipple even as his other hand stroked the silk-soft skin of Daishi's hip and lower, dipping down through dark, sparse hair to wrap thin fingers around his shaft. He stroked Daishi slowly, forefinger angling to rub across the slit at the tip: the blond was absolutely dripping, hot and hard and wet. Daishi moaned softly as Tatsuya's fingers made another slow, luxurious pass, his head falling back against Tatsuya's shoulder -- in an attempt to quiet the vocal boy, Tatsuya's less-occupied hand moved to cover the boy's mouth, but Daishi nipped and licked at his fingers, drawing two into his mouth to suckle them.

The reaction took Tatsuya by surprise; fire blossomed low in his spine as he imagined Daishi's tongue ministering other things. "Fuck, Daishi ..." he growled against Daishi's neck as the boy's tongue wrapped around his fingers, drawing them in deeper. Daishi's hands trailed up Tatsuya's thin arms to clap around either side of his hand, releasing the fingers in his mouth to lap at the dark-haired boy's palm. "...you little tease..!" Tatsuya sputtered, his other hand squeezing Daishi almost roughly.

Daishi let out a long, watery sigh, most of it muffled by Tatsuya's hand. "Like that, huh?" he asked huskily, smiling against Tatsuya's palm, punctuating the question with an obscene swipe of his tongue along the side of Tatsuya's hand.

"There are ... better places for you to use that talented mouth of yours," Tatsuya countered, running a saliva-slicked finger along Daishi's lips.

"Pervert." Daishi kissed Tatsuya's hand once more then slid off his lap, twisting to face the other boy. He smiled coyly at Tatsuya, half-lidded eyes sliding closed as he leaned forward to meet the other's lips, his own small hands sliding down Tatsuya's chest and belly to knead his inner thighs, coming close but never quite touching the place that would make everything better. Tatsuya groaned into his mouth as Daishi's fingers brushed the base of his shaft, a touch barely felt before those cruel fingers scrambled away to claim more of Tatsuya's body elsewhere.

A sigh of frustration. "Daishiii..." Tatsuya breathed, hands scrabbling across Daishi's sides. Daishi laughed lightly, lapping at the juncture of Tatsuya's collar bones -- Daishi felt the flesh and bone beneath his mouth vibrate as Tatsuya spoke his name, and took the opportunity to lightly bite Tatsuya's skin, always keeping his fingers from giving Tatsuya anything. His tactic was working perfectly -- Tatsuya's breath came in short, sharp gusts, and his chest heaved beautifully beneath his tongue. Daishi knew Tatsuya loved to play the indifferent, disaffected one, but he also knew that Tatsuya wanted this as much as he did. His head dipped lower, his tongue leaving a wet line as it moved down his body, drawing random patterns across his belly. Tatsuya whispered his name again as his hands moved to tangle in Daishi's hair, and Daishi looked up, somehow conjuring a completely innocent smile.


Tatsuya blinked at Daishi, his expression vexed. He closed his hazy eyes and let his head drop backwards, exposing a line of long, pale throat. Grinning, Daishi laid his hands on Tatsuya's thin shoulders, pushing him backwards to lie against his bed, dark hair fanned out against the light of Daishi's blankets. Only then, Daishi's hand moved to wrap around Tatsuya's neglected cock, stroking once or twice before gently squeezing the base.

Tatsuya hissed through his teeth, a shudder running the length of him.

Daishi smiled at the elicited response, licking at the hollow beneath Tatsuya's jaw before moving downwards to his ultimate goal in earnest. He felt the tremble of Tatsuya's hands in his hair, feeling the other's excitement and anticipation for what was coming. He thought about maybe being a brat and doing something else, but the need and desperation etched into Tatsuya's face made him think otherwise.

"Tatsu~ya," Daishi called softly, waiting until the dark-haired boy looked down at him to press a soft kiss to the head, feeling the engorged organ twitch beneath his mouth. His licked his lips and then ran his tongue along the outside edge, making a few lazy passes before laying a series of small wet kisses to the under-vein, both hands wrapping around the shaft to squeeze gently.

Tatsuya bit his lip hard enough to taste blood, unable to avert his eyes from the wholly erotic picture Daishi made as he bowed his head, taking as much of Tatsuya's length as his small mouth would allow -- Tatsuya's breath caught in the back of his throat, his hips trying to arch into that delicious hot velvet heat surrounding him. "God ... yes ..." he hissed, the hands caught in Daishi's hair tightening and loosening rhythmically. Daishi pressed one palm against Tatsuya's hip to keep the other boy from choking him, still watching him as he dipped his head and wrapped his tongue around his shaft. He moved slowly and deliberately at first, hands massaging Tatsuya's trembling thighs, encouraged by the short, muffled noises Tatsuya made as Daishi dragged him closer to the edge.

And then it was over: Tatsuya twitched once and shuddered violently, his body arching away from the mattress as he came. Daishi felt his mouth fill and swallowed hastily, ignoring the taste, focusing his attention on lapping the other's softening length clean.

When he was done, he ran his tongue over his lips slowly, casting a self-satisfied smile as he crawled up Tatsuya's body. He licked at the edges of Tatsuya's mouth like a cat, one hand sliding down Tatsuya's neck to trail fingers along the dark-haired boy's arm. "Tatsuya," Daishi whined softly, "I wanted you to fuck me ..."

Tatsuya groaned softly, hearing such dirty words from such a sweet voice. Already, he could feel himself beginning to stir again. "Don't worry," he murmured huskily against Daishi's cheek, "you'll get your way." Daishi grinned widely, then caught one of Tatsuya's hands in his to rub it along the side of his face.

"Touch me..?" He blushed when he said it.

Tatsuya sat up, nudging Daishi's legs apart to kneel between them, cupping Daishi's face between his hands. "...so fucking cute," Tatsuya murmured as he leaned forward to crush the blond's lips in a violent kiss. Daishi wrapped his arms around Tatsuya's neck and pulled him closer, moaning into Tatsuya's mouth as his erection was caught between their bellies. One of Tatsuya's hands reached between them, wrapping long thin fingers along the boy's hard shaft, stroking him roughly. Daishi gasped and tossed his head back, hips rocking hard into Tatsuya's grip, whispering both Tatsuya's names and desperate pleas so quietly that Tatsuya could barely hear him -- obligingly, the dark-haired boy stroked him a little harder, dipping three fingers of his other hand into Daishi's mouth which the boy accepted readily, laving at them greedily with his tongue.

He withdrew his fingers from Daishi's mouth and smiled at him, kissing the boy softly as he reached down and pressed two saliva-slicked fingers inside. Daishi's gasped and turned his head to the side as his body clamped down around the probing digits, but Tatsuya was gentle and insistent, working his way deeper, carefully stretching his small lover. When he was satisfied, he added a third finger, pressing in as far as he could as he sought out ...


Daishi screamed soundlessly and arched hard off the bed as Tatsuya's fingers brushed the sensitive bundle of nerves nestled deep inside his body, shamelessly pushing back against him. Tatsuya grinned ferally and kneaded that spot, watching in fascination as Daishi's lovely face twisted into a mask of animal pleasure, his other hand pumping the boy harder -- he continued until Daishi's body went rigid, coming close, so close, to breaking over the edge into release, then abruptly stopped, withdrawing.

The blond whimpered pitifully, bright eyes fluttering open to plead with his lover. "Tatsuya..." he moaned breathlessly, "...please, please ..."

Tatsuya hooked an arm under one of Daishi's shaking knees in response -- the other complied, shivering, wrapping his leg around Tatsuya's slim waist. The dark-haired boy leaned forward, stroking Daishi's stomach tenderly, a teasing smile flickering across his lips as he kissed the shell of his ear. "Ah, Daishi," he breathed softly, "I thought you said you wanted me to--"

"Yes, yes!" Daishi hissed, trembling hands scrambling across Tatsuya's back as if trying to pull the other boy inside. "Fuck me! Please, Tatsuya, now ..."

The other growled softly then, aligning himself, and pressed inside that tight, hot passage, gasping at the way the small boy's body sheathed him so exquisitely. Daishi shook violently, bracing himself against the intrusion, whispering Tatsuya's name over and over again as often as he could draw breath, rocking forward when Tatsuya paused. Tatsuya withdrew, only to push in again, one hand moving to slide beneath Daishi's bent neck even as his other moved between them to stroke Daishi's dripping length in a counterpoint to his thrusts. Gasping, Daishi turned his head to the side, pressing his palm to his mouth to keep crying out from the sheer sensation of Tatsuya pleasuring him from both sides -- Tatsuya saw this and smiled, angling his hips to hit that spot again, his head dropping to catch a rosy pink nipple between his teeth and bite down, hard but not enough to elevate pain beyond ecstasy. The threefold assault was more than the blonde could handle: with one last muffled cry, he quaked and came hard, his arms tightening around Tatsuya's neck as sticky fluid slid between their sweat-slicked bodies. Tatsuya felt Daishi's body clench around him and grit his teeth, his hips pistoning a few more times before stilling completely, his own orgasm wrung from him in a sparkling white wave that sent him reeling.

Bonelessly, he collapsed atop Daishi, breathing in the scent of sweat and come as he nestled into the crook of the blond's arm, one hand absently stroking the still-trembling muscles of Daishi's belly. Daishi smiled contentedly and reached over the edge of the bed and rummaged around a moment, finally grabbing an old used t-shirt. Carefully, he began cleaning both Tatsuya and himself, laughing quietly as the other poked him in the side.

"That was ... really great," Daishi murmured and tossed the shirt in the general direction of his closet, reaching up to shut off the bedside lamp.

"...yeah," Tatsuya agreed. They laid there a moment in a tangle of sweaty limbs, both content to simply hover along the fringe of post-sex lethargy, the album's last song attempting to pull them towards the edges of sleep. Tatsuya mumbled something and stirred, groaning softly as he raised himself to his hands and knees, pressing a gentle kiss to Daishi's mouth before crawling over him to find his jeans. Daishi leaned on one arm and watched Tatsuya glide across his floor in the moonlight, crouching to dig through his pockets, producing a half-crumpled pack of import cigarettes and a pack of matches before silently moving towards the open window. He smiled as Tatsuya sat carefully on the ledge, tapping a cigarette out of the pack to light it with the precision of someone who'd performed that particular action many times. The dark-haired boy took a drag and looked up at the moon, looking like a ghost as he exhaled.

Daishi sighed, a faint smile playing across his lips. He could watch Tatsuya forever and never get bored. With a contented sigh, he sat up and began digging through a pile of clothes on the floor until he found something suitable to sleep in. Shivering, he burrowed under the blankets and curled up to continue watching Tatsuya smoke.

When he was done, Tatsuya returned to the bedside, sitting on the edge. Daishi tossed a pair of loose sleeping pants at his friend. "Here."

"Thanks," Tatsuya murmured, then stopped suddenly -- from beyond the wall, yet another loud moan broke the relative silence of the house.

Daishi groaned and yanked the covers over his head in exasperation. "Holy shit."

With a quiet chuckle, Tatsuya pulled the covers away, his mischievious gaze meeting Daishi's. "You know ..."

Daishi's expression went from horrified to apalled to lecherous in the span of a few seconds. He reached out, grasping either side of Tatsuya's hips, tugging him closer.

The clothing in Tatsuya's hands dropped to the side of the bed, forgotten, right before he pounced.


-fin 10.02.04

...I can't believe I wrote it. Finished it. Started it.

You'd better love me long time, Nik. <3

Seriously though, that's by far the hardest smut I've ever written. I'm rather used to writing things a lot more ... romantic, I guess, but I had to try to stay away from that to keep with the Tatsuya-Daishi dynamic. That, and they're nothing more than two horny teenage boys playing games at this point, so it ended up being a lot more pornographic than emotional. Which is probably a good thing. I think. XD

I'm seriously disturbed by the parent-sex. You have no IDEA how disturbed I am by the parent-sex, because I still remember that from back in the day. T___T Of course, I didn't have a pretty boy to outdo them with, but such is life. o_e

I kept writing 'Tatsurou' rather than 'Tatsuya'. o_O Hence, there was a lot of 4-am giggling, as 4 am is the best time to write porn. Your brothers rarely come down to bug you and see what sis is doing! T____T

Anyway. Happiness and oranges all around!
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