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Controlled chaos

Characters: everyone
Players kissingchaos, lilusako,hazeltea, cestlavieminako
These chats are going to be the death of me x_x

Seek knocked on Tatsuya’s door. It had been a few days since seek had found out about Aya's dilema.
Every time he thought about it, though, he could see Aya's distressed face perfectly. It made him angry, and angry was something that seek wasn't good at. He figured Tatsuya was, though, so ... here he was.
Seek startled as Tatsuya answered the door in less time than he'd thought. Looking casual and a bit tousled in jeans, bare feet, and a t-shirt, Tatsuya granted seek a smile. "Hey", he said, letting him in.

"Tatsuya," seek said cordially, then paused. Loosening his shoulders, he tried again. "Hi, Tatsuya. How's life in the circus?"

Tatsuya grinned. "Good." he admitted. “Naoki and Yura are doing the shopping so it's nice and quiet for once. This place is a zoo once Daishi shows up, though."

"Good," seek murmured. He looked around nervously, almost as if expecting to be caught for something. "Listen, Tatsuya, I need to talk to you."

Tatsuya nodded. "What's wrong? he asked with a slight frown. Seek was relieved that Tatsuya was a straightforward person, that would probably make his confession a bit easier than if he had to break it softly.

Tatsuya offered seek a seat and, belatedly remembering his manners, gestured for seek to wait as he filled the kettle.

"Look," seek leaned his elbows on the table, suddenly looking very tired. He rubbed his temples. "You ... you know how you wanted me to talk to Aya?"

Tatsuya nodded. "How did that work out?" he asked, levelly.

seek sighed, thinking of Yura and Aya and a thousand ways things could go badly. "I found out the problem."
Tatsuya nodded, and leaned forward. "I'm still confused as to who the real Naoki is ." he confessed.

"He's ... really been hurt, Tatsuya," seek said miserably. "I don't want to break confidence, but I can say that the root of the problem is Tetsuo. He's got Aya terrified."

"Tetsuo?" Tatsuya asked, confused. "Who's that?"

"Tetsuo," seek said softly, looking down "is Isabelle's drummer. He seems to feel that Aya is his property, and has assumed all rights as such.

Aya's terrified that he's going to hurt him ... maybe even try to kill him. I ... I don't know what to do about it, Tatsuya." seek looked up at him, looking both angry and miserable at his own seeming uselessness. "Tetsuo's a rough guy -- I know Aya has good reason to be afraid of him."

Tatsuya took a deep breath and closed his eyes momentarily. It was all starting to make sense now. Aya had been wild when with Isabelle because he had been drunk. He had been drunk so that he would be numb to the abuse.

"I feel so bad for Aya," seek said.

"Seek" he asked quietly, "What do you think we should do? Call the authorities? Will they take it seriously? Or should I just keep Naoki in my sight for awhile?"

seek sighed. "I don't know. I mean ... I know what I want to do, but ... aaah. I don't think he should go out alone ... actually, I think you need to go out in as large a group as you can .” A new worry occurred to seek and he shivered. “Tatsuya, I don't feel safe with Yura out there, either ..." he was actually as worried about Yura at the moment as he was Aya.

Tatsuya nodded. "I don't think the authorities will be much help as he's not a girl, you know?" he asked quietly. "I won't let that bastard near him. I'm just worried that Daishi will somehow find out and take matters into his own hands. It makes me want to take it into my own hands just to keep him safe."

"We ... just need to take care of them. Him. All of them," seek corrected himself. "Tetsuo's quite obsessive, as you may have noticed by now. I don't think he'd take either Yura or Daishi as a serious threat."

“Still.” Tatsuya proclaimed, "Daishi likes to fight. And he sucks at it."

seek blinked. "I worry for all of them," he returned. "You know Daishi better than I do, so you'll know how to take care of him." He gracefully neglecting to speak of his own plans for the near future. "We need to look out for all of them ... but I don't think they'd appreciate it if they knew that's what we were doing."

He sighed. "That ... or we do something about Tetsuo himself."

As seek finished speaking, he heard the sound of footsteps in the hall, stopping at the door. After a moment of fumbling, the door opened.

Yura came in, a stick of odango hanging out from between his teeth, and Aya followed, carrying a small brown shopping bag.

Tatsuya nodded, equally concerned for Daishi as he was for Aya out of sheer habit. Absently, he wondered just what kind of abuse Aya had suffered.

"Feek? What're you doing fere?" Yura said, trying to speak coherently from behind the stick.

seek looked up and smiled brightly at Yura. "Hey, guys! I just came over to see what was going on, and apparently you guys caught wind of it and ran away before I could catch you." he winked.

Tatsuya chuckled, resolving to be the one accompanying Aya from now on. His eyes drifted over Aya, searching…and upon close scrutiny he noticed a pale, fading scar on Aya's throat that he took to be a bite mark. Tatsuya grit his teeth angrily.

Yura plopped a large paper bag on the coffee table in front of seek. "Eat up, guys!” he grinned.
Aya, meanwhile, sat down on the floor, smiling at Yura's energetic nature, and withdrew a volume of the Dragonball Z manga and began to read.

“Aya~! Don't be rude, everyone's here! Read that later!" Yura complained.
He reached down to take the manga from Aya, who swiftly leaned away to avoid his grabby hands. "Leave it!" he complained.

seek laughed. "Aah, you can't keep a true fan from new manga, Yura," he chided.
"That's right!" Aya said, going back to the manga.

Tatsuya watched Aya read happily, surprised both by the lack of fear surrounding Aya and the fact that he seemed to have more in common with Daishi, and hence himself, than he'd thought.
seek passed Tatsuya a significant look, then smiled slightly, his attention ineffably drifting back to the blond drummer.

Yura plopped down on the couch next to seek, helping himself to another stick of odango. "Well, if YOU guys won't have any....more for me!" he said cheerfully.

He thrust a stick before seek's eye. "You want one?” seek blinked, looking at the food at a much closer proximity than he was used to. "Um ... yeah?"

"Good!" Yura said, handing the stick to seek. "I won't look like a complete piggy, then." seek laughed, eyeing Yura critically. "I'm afraid that it would take much more than this to make you look like a piggy," he grinned mischievously.

Yura smirked. "Oh? Then maybe I'll just..." he trailed off, leaning forward to grab the box of skewered odango from the table. "...eat them ALL!"

He plucked two more skewers from the box, stuffing them in his mouth, attempting to grin around the food.
Aya looked up at that point, the sudden noise startling him. "Where's Daishi?" he asked quietly. Tatsuya froze. "He's meeting Sakito about the costumes." he said cautiously.

Aya nodded. "Can we go help?" he asked shyly.

Yura chose that opportune moment to start choking on his food.

Tatsuya nodded. "I guess so." he said. "You can come with me to meet him and talk. Yura and seek can stay here for the time being.

seek started in shock, and frantically tried pounding on Yura's back. "Yura!"

Yura began flailing his arms about, pointing toward his mouth.

"Ah! Are you ok?" Aya asked, looking slightly frantic.

seek’s mind was in a panic, he wanted to help Yura but was afraid of hurting him. Without any better idea, he continued to pound on Yura’s back. "Aaah, help!" he called to his band mates. Aya jumped up and also started patting Yura on the back, not too gently. Tatsuya sighed and gripped his arm around Yura, pushing him against the counter until the offending bit of food was dislodged. "Moron" he chuckled.
Yura gasped for breath. "That...totally....SUCKED", he gasped.

"Dammit...I wasted them!" Yura whined, glancing sadly at the remaining odango seek nearly fell over in relief. "I was so worried!" he panted, immediately putting an arm around the drummer. "Are you okay?"

"Can I leave you two children alone or should I get a sitter? Tatsuya asked wryly.

seek looked to Tatsuya, his glare half-hearted and mingled with laughter. "Oi."

"Nah...I'll be fine. I don't think I want any more food right now..." Yura sighed.

Tatsuya grinned and held out his arm to help Aya to his feet. Aya took Tatsuya's hand gratefully, still looking slightly disturbed over Yura's near-death experience. As an afterthought, he leaned over and marked where he had left off in his manga, placing the precious books on the table. seek leaned back on the couch, still getting over the adrenaline rush. He raised a hand in goodbye to the others as he followed Tatsuya out the door.

Yura got up and headed into the kitchen. "I'm getting some tea. You want any?" he called to seek, his voice still slightly hoarse.

Watching the others leave, seek was hit with emotions... relief that Aya was safe at Tatsuya's side, worried about what might happen between Aya and Daishi... And suddenly Yura was talking to him. Ah...Yura . Seek stood and followed him, a little unwilling to let Yura off by himself so quickly. "Sure," he said.
Yura dug in the cabinet for two mugs, then looked up, startled. "You didn't need to follow me...I'm fine", he stated with a grin.

seek smiled shyly. "And if I wanted to anyway?"

Yura seemed slightly taken aback by the question.

"Well, if you wanted to, then...well...I won't stop you." he replied.

"I would've just brought the tea to you, but...." he added.

"Oh...no, I mean, since you're already in here, you might as well stay put. It's just about done, anyways", Yura said, nodding at the kettle.

Seek leaned against the table, a respectful disance away, watching. "How've you been?"
"Oh...I've been surviving, same as usual", Yura said. He poured the hot water from the kettle into one mug, and handed it to seek.

Yura sipped his tea quietly, feeling his sore throat immediately improve. Suddenly, he seemed at a loss for words. "You know..." he began, "I still owe you a meal."
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