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[wish that I could get me some of your yum-yum delirium] seek+susu

summary: In which the fish don't talk, and neither does seek.
players: hazeltea, kissingchaos
notes: This actually takes place directly after this -- however, due to a double brain-fart, we neglected to remember it existed. Whoops?

It was late in the evening when seek returned to the apartment -- after Yura's departure, he'd spent a good hour sitting on the rail of the bridge, thinking at the koi.

They hadn't come up with anything intelligent to say in return, though, so eventually he'd left in search of Susu.

Who, as far as he could tell, was still holed up in his room. seek hummed to himself as he made his brother a plate of snacks. Balancing them in one hand, he walked down the hallway towards Susu's door.

"Fi~shba~it," he called as he knocked.

Susu looked up from his book. Seek should have been surprised that he was still at it, but he wasn't, really. Susu grinned. "Food?"

"Hai!" seek beamed at his brother. "How's it going?"

"Good." Susu said, reaching for the plate. "How did your ... band stuff go?"

seek's grin somehow got bigger as he sat down next to his brother. "It went really well. I think ... we'll be okay."

Susu nodded. "You seem happy. Spill it."

seek blinked. "Wha?"

"What happened, then? I never see you smile like that for no reason." Susu looked curious.

seek shrugged. "Aya-kun left feeling better. Yura's amazing with the drums, and we mesh really well. What more could I want?"

"I'll bet he felt better," Susu smirked.

"Mm?" seek looked curiously at his brother, one eyebrow raised.

'Well, he was like, draped all over you and stuff. I dunno...he's queer, isn't he? I thought so when he came in asking to be called "Aya", but ..." Susu laughed.

seek sighed. "I don't think it's what you think it is," he protested. "Aya's ... been really damaged, you know? He just needed someone who wasn't trying to hurt him around."

Susu nodded. "I don't buy it one hundred percent, but okay."

seek bit his lip. He'd never really talked to Susu about anything like this before -- he figured that despite everything, Susu had managed to keep his innocence. "I ... sometimes, people are forced into things they can't control. Aya's seen some really awful stuff, Susu, but it's not my place to talk about that. He's not ... he's not looking for that, Susu. At least, not here."

Susu shrugged. "Just don't be surprised if he starts looking." he said quietly.

"You don't like him, do you?" seek asked softly, giving his brother an appraising look. A snack pitstop had just become one of the most ... awkward conversations that'd he'd had with Susu, yet.

"No, I like him just fine." Susu said. "I just know you can be naiive."

seek shook his head, trying to dispel the awkard conversation with a joke. "You underestimate me!" he mock-wailed, looking wounded.

Susu sighed, obviously not willing to buy into the attempt. "Look, it's not about Aya." he said. "Aya seems really nice and I'm sure he needs your help, and you're good at that sort of thing. I just didn't want to talk about Dad, ok? And I had a feeling that that was where it was headed. Besides, I needed to study."

"Oh." seek deflated a little, his expression turning sympathetic. "I know. I'm sorry, Susu. He didn't know. I'm sorry..." He looked down a moment. "How's studying going?"

"Good," Susu said. "At least until that awful racket." Susu smiled. "You guys sounded fantastic. Is that why you're so happy?"

A slight blush painted seek's cheeks. "I ... yeah. It was the most amazing thing ever."

Susu blinked. "Youre acting really weird, you know that?"

"How so?"

"You're all daydreamy and stuff."

"Daydreamy?" seek laughed. "We had a really awesome session -- it was the first time we'd practiced together!" In years, he thought, though he didn't say it aloud. "I never thought we'd have such amazing results our first try. I'm ... really happy about it."

Susu nodded. "I'm glad. See, I told you this was good for you."

seek smiled. "Thanks, fish. I don't even want to think about what I'd be missing if you hadn't kicked me in the ass."

Susu grinned. "I'm gonna get some sleep, ok?" he asked, setting down his book.

"...okay." seek stood up, taking the plate from his brother. "I'll see you in the morning." He smiled, and turned to go. He left the room, feeling slightly awkward for hiding the full truth from his brother, yet... it very rarely happened, but there were some things seek wanted to keep all to himself. For now, at least, the memory of Yura's smile was one of them.
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