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[these are feelings that do not pass so easily] seek+yura date XD

summary: In which there is awkward pauses, good food, and kissies.
players: kissingchaos, hazeltea

Yura led seek to the door of the modest tea house and opened the door."After you." he said with a grin. The teahouse was western in style, a much nicer place than a diner to get a cup of coffee, much too modest to be considered classy. It was warm and clean, however, and the air was thick with the scent of baked goods.

seek smiled widely and went inside, waiting just inside the door for Yura to follow. His heart pounded furiously -- he never really went out that much, and never on a ... a date. He wondered if there was something else he should be doing, something he should be saying, anything.

In the end, he settled for a soft 'thank you' as he ducked his head, trying to hide in the folds of his favorite scarf.

A cute hostess guided them to the back of the room, past glass cases of elegantly decorated cakes and pastries. Yura sat and took their menus, flitrting kindly with the girl as he ordered tea to start with. seek chuckled as the girl blushed and skipped back to the kitchen.

Yura smiled at him. "It's been awhile since I've been here, but I remember it always being pretty good."

"Oh?" seek blinked at Yura, his smile deepening. "It looks very ... cute. Charming."

Yura nodded, deciding on a tea pastry. "So…he began with a smile, "er… " He bit his lip, and then laughed. "Well. Maybe we should get to know each other better. We never really talked in all the time we've known each other…well with the exception of last time."

seek laughed shortly and looked down, folding his thin hands on the table before him. "Maybe." He looked back up, an embarassed half-smile touching his lips. "I'm sorry. I'm a little nervous. Does it show?" He shook his head.

"Yeah, me too." confessed Yura softly. "But we shouldn't be." Yura fidgeted, rummaging through his pockets to find his cigarettes. He offered one to seek and smiled at the hostess as their tea was set down in front of them. Yura casually ordered for himself and for seek as well -- seek had never had anyone order for him before, but thought that Yura's choice for him sounded good.

"Thanks," he murmured softly, fumbling in his pocket for a lighter. His hands only shook slightly as he flicked it, holding the flame out for Yura.

Yura smiled and accepted the light. After a moment of smoking his nerves settled, and he grinned at seek, trying to find a way to break the ice -- he wondered how it could be so easy to be with seek in the apartment, and so uncomfortable in a place like this. Yura drew a deep breath through his cigarette and broke the silence. "So, do you have any hobbies? Besides the obvious, of course." he chuckled.

"Well," seek began, then laughed. "The obvious. Um ...I play a lot of video games. Other than that ... I cook a lot. Fish says I act like a mother." He ducked his head, hiding behind his hair. "I'm afraid I'm kind of boring," he admitted.

"I don't think so. Sounds like more than I do." Yura laughed. "I read a lot. I like to go dancing too. And people! I love meeting people." he smiled.

"You're very energetic," seek observed softly. "What do you like to read about?"

"Everything." Yura said firmly. "I don't like to be caught not knowing what I'm talking about! Oh, and I work in a bookstore with plenty of time to kill, so that helps, too. So it's not like I'm some intellectual or anything." he added ruefully, diverting his attention to the fancy pastry on his plate.

seek laughed. "Ah, don't underestimate yourself!" he said, leaning forward. "It's okay to be smart. I wish I knew more, but ... I have a lot to do at home, so it kind of cuts down on my time. I bet it's fun working at a bookstore."

Yura shrugged. "It pays the bills...barely. And I've had a lot worse jobs. It just gets so quiet and lonely in there ... everyone comes by first thing in the morning, or right at noon. I really don't know why the shop is even open half the time. You know, I never knew you had a brother until the other day. You two look a lot alike, but I guess that's to be expected."

"Sounds lonely," seek murmured sympathetically. "Fish is almost always at home. He's like I was in school -- he doesn't go out much unless there's a really good reason."

Yura smiled. "Quiet is nice sometimes." he said. He sighed, remembering the chaos that was his family's home ... too many people and too little space to keep them in, much like the current state of Tatsuya's apartment. seek's apartment had been a quiet, comfortable haven. Yura admired seek's dark, somber eyes over the edge of his teacup and grinned. "It won't upset them if you muss up the icing design, you know." he commented, gesturing to seek's untouched cake with his fork.

seek blinked and blushed bright crimson. "I'm sorry!" he said hastily, turning his attention to the food. "I was so caught up I forgot about it. This is really good," he said, swallowing a bite. "I'm glad we came here."

Yura laughed. "I'm glad you like it. And I don't want you to be nervous." Yura hesitated, then gently laid his hand over seek's.

seek bit his lip, looking away momentarily before forcing his gaze back to Yura, a small, shy smile gracing his lips. "It's kind of a ... new thing," he said quietly. "Don't worry about me -- I'm really enjoying being here, with you."

Yura nodded slightly, turning his gaze to their hands, not quite wanting to meet seek's eyes.

seek watched Yura carefully. Beyond the butterflies, he was truly afraid -- afraid that maybe Yura was only trying to make up for old grievances after all, and that this was a totally unfair thing to be asking of him. He took a deep breath, and put his other hand over Yura's, laughing at himself to see how badly it was shaking.

Yura raised his head, and though there was a sort of sorrowful regret in those eyes, they also held a certain measure of caring. seek's heart raced once more, part of him knowing it was unfair to expect things of Yura, but another part of him wanting it desperately. Yura smiled then. That smile, seek knew, was used on a regular basis to charm women into favors, to excuse Yura's sometimes difficult behavior, and now seek feared that it was being used to decieve him.

He looked away, a dull ache in his chest. He was quiet for a moment, then looked back up, a quirky smile on his face. "I want something to drink," he said.

Yura nodded."Anything you want," he said.

seek smiled brightly, extracting his hands from Yura's a little regretfully. "Great -- I know just the place."

With that, he rose, waiting for Yura to follow. There was a quiet bar nearby that he occasionally went to when he needed to think -- he thought that Yura might like it. Besides, a shot or ten suddenly seemed really appealing.

Yura blinked, startled by seek's abrupt change in plans. Hurriedly, he tucked a few folded bills into the hostess' hand and smiled at her winningly. seek scoffed at the gesture and shuffled out the door. "Takuma!" called Yura, racing to catch up with seek.

seek paused mid-step, thrusting his hands deep into his pockets, his expression unreadable as he turned to watch the blond jog to catch up with him, admiring -- he felt the distance, though, and it hurt.

The giddiness had faded, leaving only that ache. But things had been going good, he thought, and then sighed. He was nervous and confused. Around Yura, he was always nervous and confused.
Yura finally caught up, concern and confusion in his eyes. "Takuma, what's wrong?" he asked breathlessly, touching the sleeve of seek's shirt.

seekchylde: seek smiled, his expresion as distant as he felt. More than anything, he wanted to reach out and touch the boy beside him...
It suddenly seemed all too impossible. What had he been thinking, saying those things? Not that he hadn't meant every word, but now everything was much more complicated. "I ... nothing." seek said softly. "I don't know." His dark eyes were sad, filled with apology and beyond that, fear.

Yura looked once again concerned and determined. "Come on, now." he said softly, leading seek into the nearest empty-looking bar. Calling for a round, he sat in a darkened corner of the bar, gazing at seek worriedly.

seek swallowed. They were in nearly the same position as before, minus cake. seek bit his lip, his gaze wandering the bar -- or, at least, what the darkness wasn't obscuring. "I'm sorry," he apologized softly, hiding behind his hair, "I'm not being much fun, am I?"

"No, no," Yura murmured. "I just need to know if I'm upsetting you." Yura said softly, almost cooing. seek blinked -- maybe it wasn't an an act after all. What he was taking for falsehoods ... might just be Yura's true personality after all. However, he couldn't be quite sure.

"I-" seek looked at Yura, his expression pained momentarily before smoothing. "I guess I just think too much," he said softly, an apologetic smile surfacing. "It's not you, not at all."

"Tell me." Yura said quietly, his expression true and pleading.

Yura was really beautiful -- the thought occurred to seek for the hundredth time that week, and he couldn't quell the acute awareness of his own imperfections. He took a deep breath, looking down at his hands. "I don't want to scare you off." He said softly. "I mean ... I kind of just threw this huge thing at you and it was really unfair of me to do it and I'm sorry." He sighed. "I don't want to you to think I'm expecting anything of you. I don't want to expect anything of you, because it's not fair at all. I don't want to mess things up, whether its us or the band, but I can't tell because I've never done this sort of thing before."

Yura's eyes softened. "That's understandable" he said quietly. "But you won't scare me off. If I were freaked out by anything you said earlier, I wouldn't be here right now."

"I want to believe that," seek returned in a whisper. "I really want to believe that."

"I know It's asking a lot, " Yura began, "And I know that I've certainly never done anything in the past that would make you trust and believe in me- but please, Takuma, i really need you to try to do that now. Please?" Yura took a sip of his beer as he searched see's eyes for a response.

seek nodded slowly, staring into his glass. "It's just ... it's really important to me. I don't want to damage anything by doing something stupid. I trust you, but ... I don't know what I'm doing, here. I don't know anything about this." He turned his gaze towards Yura, his eyes filled with insecurity and fear.

"What's important?" Yura asked softly. "The band? I can tell you right now that no matter what happens between us, the band will be fine. No one wants to lose you, and they need me." Yura smiled. "and if it's us you're worried about, well, we're getting along all right, aren't we?" he set down his glass and peered into seek's eyes.

seek relaxed visibly, though his eyes still held a somewhat haunted look. He bit his lip thoughtfully. "I guess you're right," he said softly. "Thanks for the support." seek gave Yura a shy smile, wrapping his long fingers around his mug. "I'll do my best. For the band ... and for you."

Yura nodded, satisfied for now. He still couldn't understand why seek was so skittish, but he figured his past actions had a lot to do with it. It wouldn't do to get uptight about something that was probably his own fault and would just make seek lock up tighter. Finishing his drink, he turned to seek once more. "So what now?" he asked.

seek tipped back his glass and gulped the entire thing down in one long pull, breathing deeply as he let the liquid settle. "Um. Let's do something fun." He pursed his lips thoughtfully, tapping his finger against the table as he recalled things to do in their general vicinity -- suddenly, an idea came to mind. "There's a park nearby."

Yura nodded happily, leaving a handful of crumpled bills on the table and standing aside to let seek pass. "Lead the way." he smiled.

seek grinned and walked outside, matching pace with Yura as he headed them towards their destination. His gaze moved often from the sidewalk to Yura, then back again. The alcohol he'd consumed made his head feel light -- he hadn't had enough to make him drunk, but he was working with a soft buzz, enough to make him feel giddy and warm. "So," he started, pulling Yura on to a sideroad, "how's life in the circus of Tatsuya?" He grinned.

Yura chuckled. "You've seen what it's like over there. Life is tough." he sighed. "It could be a lot worse though. I'm used to a full house anyway. I was getting spoiled living on my own." Yura smiled as a cool breeze picked up.The park was all but deserted and the overcast sky was making it seem later than it was. It really was a lovely night. In an attempt to make up for what he considered his ultimate dating failure, Yura casually slipped his hand into seek's as they entered the park.

seek shivered, though only half-due to the chill. He smiled -- apparently, Yura had infiltrated his mind and decided to cover for what seek wasn't brave enough himself to do. As a gesture of thanks, he squeezed Yura's hand gently.

Maybe this would be easier than he was making it out to be in his mind, but despite all Yura's assurances he was still terrified. He trusted Yura completely, whether Yura could understand that, or not: the other's guilt was more than convincing enough, though seek honestly held nothing against him.

"I really like coming here," he said softly, turning to look at Yura. "It's not usually this empty, though."

"It's getting late, that's why." he said. "It's a weekday besides. Respectable people are at work or home with their families." Yura grinned, finding satisfaction in holding seek's hand. seek was becoming more and more complex the more Yura thought he knew him. Somehow, this didn't seem like such a bad thing, really.

"Respectable people ... " seek said thoughtfully. "No wonder we're out here." He pulled Yura toward the swings. "But this is more fun than they're probably having, anyway." He smiled brightly, then turned solemn. "Seriously," he said, his cheeks pinking faintly, "Despite all of my ... hesitation, I'm having more fun than I've had in a really long time. I ... really like being with you. I don't want it to end, even if I'll see you again tomorrow."

"No one's ever said that to me before." Yura said quietly, reluctantly letting go of seek's hand to sit in a swing. His legs were far too long for it and his feet dragged in the gravel, but it gave his something to fidget with, which he found helpful. "I have an idea." he said impishly. "We should get to know each other. We should play one of those ice breaker games."

"I mean it," seek said softly, already missing the feel of Yura's hand in his. He sat down in the swing next to Yura. "An ice breaker game? Sounds fun. Which one do you have in mind?"

"Well, one of those question games. Like we each have to answer five questions perfectly honestly, it can be anything. First one to refuse buys the next round of beer.You can go first," he said with a grin. "Go on, give me your best shot. We'll see if I can't scare you away by the end of this."

"Oh," seek breathed, "a challenge? Fine." He looked towards a row of sakura trees, thinking. "I'm not very good at these things, though -- I never know what kind of questions I should be asking!"

Yura chuckled softly. "Okay then. Tell me one random memory from your childhood."

seek bit his lip, turning his gaze towards the ground. "Um....once, when Susu was really young, we were at a festival. Dad had sent fish with me, so I could take him to get something to eat. I wanted to play the goldfish-catching game, though, so I told him that we'd go in a few minutes, and got really caught up in playing. When I turned around so we could go do what we were supposed to, he was gone. I was so scared!" He laughed. "He'd run off by himself, and got lost, and it took me forever to find him -- when we got back to dad, he was really mad that it had taken us so long. Fish, though ... he told dad that he'd run off while I was paying, so I wouldn't get in trouble. I told dad the truth, though. We both ended up getting in trouble ... but he was never mad at me about it." seek smiled at Yura. "He's a really good brother."

Yura laughed."I wish my family were so loyal. My cousins all lived with me. The youngest, Keiko, and I were always fighting over something. We would set each other up to see the fall.Once she really got me angry because she drew all over my favorite book in crayons, so I bit my arm and whined to my aunt that Keiko bit me."

seek blinked at Yura. "Wow," he laughed, "you must have been really pissed at her to do that!"

Yura laughed. "not really, " he chuckled. "that sort of thing happened all the time." Yura blushed to admit it. "Your turn, I guess." He laughed.

"I see," seek said. "I'll try my hardest not to piss you off, then." He winked at Yura. "Another memory?"

"If it suits you." he shrugged. "but it can be any question really."

"Okay," seek said. "A question. A question ..." He thought a moment, then smiled. "The happiest moment of your life. What is it?"

Yura drummed his fingers along his thigh, thinking. "I think it was probably the time I won the regional Taiko festival's place of honor. I was about fourteen. I was so happy, everyone was so proud of me! I got to be on television and everything, and I got to eat in a fancy restraunt and my mother cooked me my favorite dinner and fussed over me for about a week." Yura's eyes looked distant and happy, but a little sad at the same time.

"That's amazing," seek said softly. "I know you're talented, but ... wow, that's really great." He smiled, tilting towards Yura on his swing. "Yet another reason to be proud of you, huh?"

Yura blushed, his hair falling over his face as he looked down at the gravel at his feet. "I guess so." he said. "it was in my age group though, so it wasn't like I was up against pros." He raised his eyes to seek and seek admired the first of the night's soft moonlight playing off Yura's bleached hair and soft skin. "So when were you happiest?" he asked.

seek tilted his head to the side, smiling. "That's easy, Just a couple of days ago, when the crazy drummer of this new band that I landed in decided to drop by for practice. I mean, there've been a lot of good things happen during my life, but that, I think, was the time I felt happier than anything."

Yura paled and then blushed."Stop..." he whispered with a grin, leaning over to stroke back seek's hair. He could see that seek clearly was being honest though. "I don't feel I deserve that honor, Takuma. Not yet."

"I mean it." seek smiled, leaning into Yura's touch. "And you should."

Yura found himself speechless, gazing into seek's adoring eyes. To him, seek had always been the one to have it all, and now, Yura was what he wanted. Yura shivered, it made him feel valuable, special, and more than a little bit like a sham. He couldn't quite shake the feeling that some day very soon, seek would see him for what he really was -- descended from a poor family, undereduacted, a self centered, impudent brat. Words failed him, but his instincts did not, as he cautiously leaned over to place a gentle, chaste kiss against the bassist's lips.

seek's eyes fluttered closed, breath catching in his throat as Yura kissed him -- he was a little embarassed to admit that he'd never kissed anyone before. Hesitantly, he raised a trembling hand to touch Yura's cheek, pushing aside his fears and worries to kiss him back, albeit a little clumsily.

Yura deepened the kiss as seek's actions allowed him and finally pullled away slowly. seek's eyes were styill half closed and Yura smiled. "What number were we on?" he whispered, still gently caressing seek's cheek.

A slow smile crossed seek's lips as he blinked slowly at Yura. "Um," he breathed softly, trying to move his mind towards anything more than a few seconds ago. "Um...?" He looked a little guilty.

Yura chuckled. "I think the game worked."

"I ... yeah." seek blushed. "That was really nice. Good game." seek startled as he heard a scuffling noise nearby. One of the park's workers, a middle aged woman, was sweeping the path nearby and had stoped to blatantly stare at them. Yura began to laugh to himself. seek looked towards the woman -- his guilty expression quickly melted to one of defiance, and he gave her a toothy smile, as if asking 'so what?' After a second, he turned to Yura. "Um ... I think she might not want to be disturbed, don't you think..?"

The woman quickly bowed to seek and went about her sweeping. Yura nodded, standing up. "Shame on me, corrupting this playground with my boyfriend," he chuckled. "It's getting late anyway. I should probably walk you home or Tatsuya will think I choked on dinner."

seek laughed. "So I know what to do if I get angry messages from him on my phone about how I've murdered our precious drummer." He stood as well, smiling as he wrapped his arm around Yura's, twining their fingers together. "I'm just sad I have to give you back."

Yura gave him a soft smile as they left the park together, reluctantly relaesing their entwined hands once they were out on the street. The park wasn't too far from seek's apartment, and Yura found himself wishing they could have walked together a bit longer. They took the elevator to seek's floor and as seek was about to step out, Yura jabbed the "door close" button and held it firmly in place as he pinned seek to the door, giving him a quick kiss on the lips before stepping back and releasing his hold on the button.

seek gasped, surprised by Yura's 'attack', already missing the beautiful drummer. "I wish you could stay longer," seek whispered mournfully. "I want to keep you." He reached out to touch Yura's face once more, long fingers brushing the fringe of hair that hung over the blond's eyes before he stepped away, offering Yura a smile.

Yura's eyes reflected much the same. Much to his surprise, seek was getting under his skin at a rate unheard of in the history of his love life. "Goodnight." he said softly. "I'll see you at the club." Yura smiled, craning his head to get one last glimpse of seek as the elevator doors closed.

seek stared at the elevator doors for a long time, one hand pressed to lips thoughtfully, before he turned towards his door.

He'd have a hard time explaining if Susu wanted to know why he was smiling this time.
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