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Taking care of business

Characters: Sakito and Lida
Players: lilusako, hazeltea

Sakito sat in the dark of his romantically decorated apartment, a pen in his mouth as he leaned over his desk looking at the list of contacts. Holding the phone against his ear with his shoulder, the dial tone demanded he take action. Sakito's plan had commenced. He was compiling a list of information he could gain on Tetsuo... so he could figure out what he wanted to do to protect his band members and himself from further harm.

He flipped trough his black leather address book, searching for the names of people he seldom spoke with these days. Most of them were club owners or small time managers such as himself. He found himself procrastinating. He knew he needed to make these calls, yet there was a sick sense of dread in his stomach whenever he came close to deciding who to dial first.

"Hmmm... which one which one..." he murmered as he looked through the list. Sakito finally decided on calling Kobiyashi-san, the owner of Club Necromance, since they were on good terms anyway. Isabelle was a regular there, after all. Sakito dialed, and was pleased when Kobiyashi answered himself and seemed to recognise Sakito right away. He was rather down to earth and easy to talk to. From that call, Sakito was able to glean bits of gossip to confirm what he had already expected- Tetsuo had a reputation of being a bit rough and wild, and very controlling. It was a rather well known to anyone that saw Isabelle in action that he held them together with an iron fist...much like Tatsuya had done with MYU. Sakito doubted Tetsuo was even half as accommodating as Tatsuya had been, however. Sakito moved onto his second plan, which was inquiring about the possibility of a retraining order to be placed on Tetsuo to protect Aya. The authorities certainly didn’t make it an easy endevour. Aya would have to testify, he was told, and sign a multitude of papers at the local station before any action could be considered.

Having had enough of the telephone for the afternoon, Sakito decided that he would try to research the local cosplay shops and seamstress shops.

He was just pulling on his overcoat when the phone rang again, startling him.

"Sakito" a familiar, quiet voice began. "It's Tatsuya."

Sakito smiled softly to himself.. "Hello Tatsuya," he said in a cheerful voice, "How are you?"
"Good." Tatsuya started, and Sakito marveled at how the voice seemed to toe a line between gruff and gentle. "I just wanted to check up on things and see if everything was okay. If you were ok. With Aya and all." Tatsuya was speaking quietly now, Sakito suspected Aya was probably at home with Tatsuya.

Sakito sat down and took a sip of his English breakfast tea. It had turned ice cold over the course of his multiple phone calls and he grimaced to himself. "Things are fine. I'm going to have to see Aya sometime soon and head down to the police station with him. I've done some searching around and I’m trying to have a restraining order placed on Tetsuo. I've got to get Aya to sign some papers so they that begin investigating and the type. Is Aya there with you? Your voice seems a bit low..."

"Yeah." Tatsuya said. “He's here...but inside. I've been keeping him within my sights at all times... Yura too. I don't know why, but seek has a bad feeling about him too."

Sakito drew in his breath, remembering Tetsuo's threats to Yura. He was about to tell Tatsuya, but then he would have to repeat the part about Daishi...and surely that would set Tatsuya into fit of rage.
Sakito sighed. "Thanks so much for keeping an eye on them. You've been quite the savior for me. How are other things? The progress of the band? How about yourself...?"

" The band things are working out really well on the musical end. Naoki and I play together almost every night. He's starting to trust me, I think. And he's been drinking less. I am concerned however...he's gotten a bit atattched to Daishi..."

"Hmmm... is that so? I think... you'll just have to let him be with getting attached to Daishi. Maybe it will help the situation? I just don't want it to get in the way of work... also if you could do me a favor Tatsuya, could you relay the mesage to Aya that I need to talk to him in person sometime?"

"er...sure." Tatsuya said, wondering why Sakito was suggesting that Daishi and Aya together would be a good idea...to him it seemed like disaster. Another unpleasant thought occured to him. "er...Sakito...if this is a legality, Tetsuo will know about it. It's his right. Do you think he'll make trouble? And how are we supposed to avoid each other when we all work downtown, and the clubs are all so close together and small?"

"Tetsuo will find out... but if he does make trouble - all the more to restrain him right? I don't want him in our sight around our band at all. I'll work it out - you don't have to worry about it."
Tatsuya bit his lip. "I hope you're right. I'm still going to be careful. I'm worried about you too. Aya is the only one who has the right to a restraining order, just remember that. Try to keep it as anonymous as possible, okay?"

Sakito paused. He remembered Tatsuya didn't know. The band didn't know. Of course they didn't know about the encounter that he had with Tatsuo. Sakito took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. "Don't worry, Tatsuya. I'll be alright. Though I'd like to be Aya's support if he needs it in going to fill out papers and such."

"Thanks…" Tatsuya began.

Sakito drew in his breath. Tatsuya didn't know and yet he was worried for him. Sakito supposed that he didn't give Tatsuya enough credit in the intuition department.

"Anyway... I was actually about to leave when you called. I was going to go and check out the cosplay and clothing stores and present our idea for our band image and see if any of them wanted to support..."
"You're amazing." sighed Tatsuya. “ Listen, I wanted to get everyone together and talk about these costumes before we have anything made. Is there any chance we could all meet for dinner sometime soon? I'll need you there of course."

"Ah. Alright... that sounds like a good plan then... well in that case my plan for going out today has change... I've done the things I’ve wanted to do for today. Is everyone free tonight? Perhaps we can meet tonight?"

" That sounds good." Tatsuya agreed. "err..why don't we meet back at Denny's. By the time Daishi gets off of work, not too much will be open."

"Alright. Dinner at Denny's it is. Please do me the favor and relay our agreement to them." Sakito said in a more relaxed tone of voice.

""Er...just how are we going to break this to Naoki? I don't think he'd want it to be in front of everyone. I don't want Daishi involved if at all possible, and I promised seek I'd try to keep Yura out of it."
Sakito considered this. "I'll talk to him myself. After dinner... I'll invite him over and have a talk."
Tatsuya relaxed. "Sounds good to me then. Thank you again, Ito-san. I'd like to meet up with you myself sometime soon to talk about everything."

"Oh really?" Sakito's voice sounded a bit surprised. "Well... let me know when you are free... and we'll meet."

"Okay" Tasuya said with a smile. He thought he heard Aya shuffling around, he really had to wrap this up before Aya knew there was any plan regarding him in action. He forced his attention back to the phone….Sakito was talking again. "I'll be going to get Daishi around eight tomorrow, so we'll head over to the diner than. I'll see you there."

"You mean tonight, right, Tatsuya?" Sakito laughed playfully.

Tatsuya chuckled softly into the phone. "Tonight, then." he murmered, looking over his shoulder as Aya opened his door. “A little after eight.”

"Alright,” agreed Sakito. “ see you guys then. Ja."

"Bye." Tatsuya said softly, turning his attention to Aya as he hung up.
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